VIDEO: Woulard New to Quarterback

Freshman quarterback Asiantii Woulard had an excellent first practice, and talked to us afterward about how long he's been playing the position...

Asiantii Woulard talks about playing quarterback:

On his first practice:
I've definitely got some adjusting to do.  It went well for the first day.  A lot of us freshman got to catch up to the speed and what not.  As far as knowing what you're doing, I thought we all did well and were catching on as practice went on

On the hardest thing about the first day:
Echoing the calls.  Now that we're in college, it's more than the quarterback.  The set protection, making each side of the receivers know what to do, the backs know what to do, motion.  Going through your progressions after the ball is snapped.  High school is more so, drop back.  Usually you're the most athletic so you just use your athlet5icism and throw to the open receiver. But now its a lot more structuring and you have to be more mentally sharp.  Everybody is fast.  You have to react to defenses rather than just throw to the open receiver.

On his quarterback experience:
I started playing quarterback my junior year of high school.

On feeling like he's got room for improvement:
Oh yeah, no doubt.  There is always room for improvement.  I've only played the position for two years.  So, there is a lot for me to learn.  Even great ones, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, they have things to improve on.  There is a lot to work on and picking up on those things.

On learning from Brett Hundley:
That's a great dude.  If I were to come in and just be thrown in, then it would be more of me.  Then I could see how it looks live and I would have to be in it.  When you're out looking in, taking mental reps, you get a better understanding of how everything goes.  Hear him talk in the huddle, hear him call the plays, hear him set protections.  You can observe from the outside looking in.

On goal of being the starter:
I never stop competing.  He's a great quarterback, a tremendous quarterback actually.   I'm just going to come in and do what I'm going to do do and exceed expectations hopefully and go for the spot just like everyone else would. 

On if that's realistic:
You're kind of putting me on the spot.  Everything's realistic.  It's a matter of how bad you want it.

On football experience:
I actually didn't start playing until really my junior year.   In my senior year, I went out with five games left, ended up playing receiver.  Until I was in high school, I always played basketball.  I was a shooting guard.  21 games (of football).

On if the lack of experience caused recruiting to be slow:
That's not my place to determine how many people recruited me.  I ended up where I wanted to, first of all.  All I can do is play my game, go with the flow, whoever feels they have the guy in me.

On if the injury his senior year affected him:
Not too much.  It was at the end of the season so I had the whole offseason to recover.  And then after I was cleared to run around again, I had plenty of time until I had to report to school.  It wasn't a major setback but it had its effects.

On why he ultimately signed with UCLA:
I didn't necessarily have a top school.  I just visited the schools I visited.  I liked UCLA a lot.  We have a tremendous staff up under Coach Mora and the guys under him.  They're a new staff so they're going to be here..  A degree from UCLA is tremendous.  What better place than California as well.  Things you want to accomplish outside of football, which is undecided for me, I don't know exactly what I want to major in or what I want to pursue. Whatever I do decide, I think I can meet those people who have been successful in that area.

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