VIDEO: Lee Talks Eligibility

Freshman running back Craig Lee talks to us about the many months of studying that went into him becoming eligible for the upcoming season...

Craig Lee talks about the work he did to become eligible:

On the last week with Navy Seals:
It's been a challenge.  We all fought through it, as brothers, it made us stronger, mentally and physically.  It was good, and it was fun.

On getting qualified:
Growing up, I didn't know I was going to be a football player and I didn't know if I was good enough to go to college.  I made myself average, which is what you shouldn't do.  I just stayed at the 2.0 just to play.  I was just being average.  Just an average kid.  So freshman and sophomore year really messed me up.  I had to catch up from freshman and sophomore year with what I didn't do.

On when he was cleared:
It was from last month.  It has to go through the NCAA.  They have to evaluate you.  Your transcripts.  It's a process for them, everyone is on vacation and they couldn't look at my stuff until they got back.  It was a long process of revieing it and going over it.

On how much work he was doing academically:
I was putting in hours, waking up at six to go into classes.  Going into a six hour SAT class.  Going home and studying, and then more studying.

On if he was able to focus on football at all:
It was mostly, after while, it became academic. I tried to balance it out as much as I could.  I had to focus on academics and stay in the books.  I brushed off being the phone, watching TV.  All the extra little fun stuff had to be cut off if I wanted to get in here.

On playing time this year:
If I get these plays down, after this, I'm going to go in and look at my playbook and learn the plays, I feel like I have a good shot.  Fast tempo, just stick with that.  It should be fun.  Just learning the plays basically.  I'm fast enough.  We'll see when we get in pads.  I have a feeling I could start, or play I mean.

On his weight:
I was 190, but I was feeling heavy so dropped to 185. And that's what I'm at right now.  I guess I gained 10 pounds because I was at 175.  I want to be 195, but gradually put on the weight.  I put it on too fast when I was in Redlands.  I want to gradually put it on.  Work with my speed at the same time.  I wasn't running as much, I was mostly in the gym and not running enough.  I want to balance it this time.

On the stress of qualifying:
I had my ups and downs, and my doubts of getting into here.  You just have to fight through it.  This is where I wanted to be so I had no choice but to keep fighting.

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