VIDEO: Bell on Seal Training

Redshirt senior Darius Bell talks about how he sustained his hand injury and the experience of Navy Seals training in San Diego...

Darius Bell talks about training in San Diego:

On the wrist injury:
It was a fifth metacarpal. I tripped on a curb, tried to put my hand down. So the fifth metacarpal is broke. It happened three weeks ago but I'll be good to go in about a week. I'm clumsy. It happens. I'll be good to go in a week.

On working with the Navy Seals:
The things that I could do with my one hand, I did. I didn't get to do everything that the guys went through which was kind of disappointing because it's part of the time and such, but I feel like I did enough. I got a lot of abs work in. There wasn't a lot of extra attention. I don't want to do a sit-up for a month. Do sit-ups until I say stop. The first thing we did was took a jog. It was long enough to make us get a nice good sweat and a little bit of cramping going. I was in the front but we had to wait a long time for everyone to get there. But the big thing is we all did. We did it as a team. And an experience we'll remember for a lifetime. As much as we didn't want to do it, and as much as it was something we didn't look forward to, it's what football is all about, it's pulling together as a team, in the fourth quarter. It's something that we'll benefit from and it's something we'll never forget. In the fourth quarter, when you need someone to pull on, I guarantee you we'll say 'those guys didn't go to Navy Seals camp for two days and go to San Bernardino." We did it as a team and wouldn't have it any other way.

On the difference between that and working with Sal Alosi:
In terms of discipline, it's the same thing, because as we know, Coach Alosi is real strict, a real disciplined guy. You're kind of scared of him. You know they're trained killers (the Seals), what they do for a living. Coach Alosi, as mean as he is, isn't a trained killer. As far as I know. It's definitely though, it was more rattling. You didn't want to see those guys 1on1.

On his role this season with being pushed by Nate Iese and Thomas Duarte:
They're both talented kids. Big frames and they can go and get the ball. When it comes to competition, you don't worry about other guys. When you worry about other guys, that's when you lose your job. I worry about what I can do. And what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are. I took Thomas under my wing when he got here, told him whenever he needs film, to hit me up, if he ends up being better than me, that's what the team needs. I'm all about whatever the team needs and the best guy plays, and trying to take him under my wings, like Joe took me under his wing last year, show him the ropes. Because one thing that is if it's not this year, it's next year, he will be leading this team one way or another. I'm trying to help these guys.  Competition is within. It shouldn't take the next guys to say I'm going to work harder today, you should have that within yourself.

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