VIDEO: Barr on 2013

Anthony Barr talks about the unity built in San Diego and what his expectations are for the upcoming season, both individually and team-wide...

Anthony Barr talks about the upcoming year:

On the weather in San Bernardino:
I was checking my iPhone temperature the other day and it was in the 90s and I was smiling. It's about 10 degrees cooler than last year at this point.

On the time with the Navy Seals:
We knew when we got on the bus.  Not right on the bus, we were told we were going somewhere, and we ended up in San Diego and just ran with it.  We were all sleeping, and one of the Seals, he woke us up and we got off the bus and got to it.

On what it brought to the team:
A lot of team building activities. A lot of stuff where we had to depend on the guy next to you to get through the activity, so a lot of team building stuff that brought us closer together as a team.  The exclusivity of it.  It's been a rough 48 hours.  That's what was special.  It was just us against the world and I thought it brought us closer together.

On practicing after the Navy Seals:
It was tough because you had your sea legs and we were a little wobbly but once you get through that first phase of fatigue, you're good to go.

On his physical transformation this offseason:
Just whatever Coach Alosi said, really.  He knows his stuff.  I think myself and a lot of guys followed his strict regiment and his diet, and what he wanted us to accomplish and I think we did accomplish those goals.  If you don't eat right, you're not going to improve your muscle mass, but if you're not working out, you're not going to get your muscles stronger.

On goals for this season:
I just want to improve on every aspect from last year: stat-wise, leadership wise, team building wise, I think I need to improve and we need to improve together.

On Mora saying he should be a Heisman Trophy candidate:
I think it definitely motivated me.  Knowing that the pressure and the spotlight was going to be on a little bit, I'm not going to waiver, I'm not going to fail, I'm going to accomplish those goals. 

On their team goals and the importance to finish strong:
It's extremely important.  I think last year you saw we did well until a certain point then we flooded at the end. It's going to be real important that we finish games.  Especially if you look back to the Pac-12 Championship game, we were a quarter away from winning it so we really need to work on not just finishing but executing until the end.

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