VIDEO: McClure on Vanderdoes, DL

Angus McClure, the defensive line coach, talked after the first day of practice about getting Eddie Vanderdoes, the state of the defensive line, and more...

On the weather in San Bernardino:
This weather is perfect.  It's optimal training weather.  Its like a 25 degree difference.

On the time with the Navy Seals:
We were with our guys the entire time.  Some of the activities we could participate in, some of the others we couldn't so we observed.  But it was actually great to be a part of.  I learned so much about teamwork and I really saw our team gel.

On what it brought to the team:
It was a combination of things.  It was very challenging, but our guys lived up to it, and competed and did the things they needed to do.

On the Eddie Vanderdoes situation:
It was an interesting experience.  Once we found out he asked for his release, certainly on our end, with our compliance office, we checked if it was even possible to get out of an NLI, because literally it's unheard of to get out of an NLI.  And just finding out what the process was.  We certainly found from our compliance office it could take a long time and it did.  I thought it was over.  Things happen for a reason.  I thought we would have gotten him in February but we got him in June.

On their previous relationship and how that helped UCLA:
He and his family have always been very comfortable with me.  His high school has always been comfortable with me.  I think that helped bridge the situation there.  Certainly we're excited to have him.  I felt he belonged with us initially.  He's finally here and every body is happy.  I believe (they were the first to coin him Uncle Angus).  Other have used the same terms.

On the drones and GoPro:
We used the drone last weekend and they do an excellent job of flying it around.  If it loses power, not them I'm an expert on drones, but I'm a video guy, but it will start blinking and goes back to its home.  It has a GPS device and it knows how much power it has.  I'm going to use it for 1on1s.  We're either seeing sideline or end zone footage.  If I can get a camera angle from above, I'm going to be able to see hands.  Another thing, if we put it on Brett Hundley, because he's looking at the front, I get to see the defensive line's eyes, their hands and their first initial step.  I just hit the buttons and it's rolling.  I can see everything from their pad level to their stance.  Their first, forearms and feet. When I do drills with Klemm's it's ideal.

On the loss of Owa Odighizuwa and Tuliapupu:
We've got some guys that need to step up.  We certainly have the talent and depth to do that.  Fortunately for our D-Line spot, we're going to be able to handle it.  I have confidence in our young guys to step up and do it.  Brandon Willis has been here a long time and he's fighting for that spot as well as some other freshman, and Keenan Graham, since he moved inside, he'll be fighting for that position.  It will be some great competition and to reiterate, we have some good talent.

On Seali'i Epenesa and Ellis McCarthy:
Seali'i looks the best I've seen him in four years.  His weight is 305ish, he looks very lean and very quick.  This is the best Ellis has looked and this is the best practice he's ever had here.  It's the healthiest he's been since he's been at UCLA.  It was good to  see him out there today, doing all the drill work and I know he's chomping at the bit to get out there and he had a good day also.

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