VIDEO: McCarthy Down to 320

Nose tackle Ellis McCarthy, who showed up to camp last year at 350 pounds and with a bad knee, is fully healthy and says he's in good shape heading into the balance of fall camp...

Ellis McCarthy on knee health and weight:

On his offseason transformation:
Just eating a lot better. Doing whatever Coach Alosi tells me to do. Going to weight training every day. Running a lot more. It helps not having the knee injury. I'm about 320. I'll hopefully get lower. Working out here, I'll definitely get it lower.

On his first practice and athletic interception:
I think I can do anything, at that weight last year, I don't know. And with my knee injury, it would have been hard.

On his knee:
I feel great on the field, a lot better. Last year it was a struggle to move around, just to get to the ball and move off the ball but this year. I think towards the end of spring, I felt like I was really healthy, and right now, I'm 100%.

On playing nose this year:
The position is a lot different. It's a totally different world. When you're lined up over the center, you have two guards coming at you, sometimes you get double-teamed, sometimes its triple. But I love it, it's still defensive line. I just love it. It's a lot different to get used to. You can't just throw any move, you have to stay in there, and brace down and just try to push the center back. Whatever I can do to play, I love to play.

On his versatility:
I'm very comfortable at each position. I've been working at it for several years now and I feel great about it.

On learning and competing with Seali'i Epenesa:
I've learned a lot more. He's helped me a lot. Even know, he helps me a lot, telling me stay in there and drop my knee when I need to. It's up for grabs between me and him. It's friendly competition. He's one of my best friends on the team. We talk about it all the time.

On frustration of last year:
I don't want this year to be anything like last year. I'm trying to get more playing time. I'm trying to help my team. I don't; want to be the person who comes in here as a five-star and then is a flop. So I have to prove myself to the team and the coaches.

On what coaches are telling him:
They're just telling me to bend my knees more, and try to play lower. I'm working on it.

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