VIDEO: Jack on Recruitment, Position

Freshman linebacker Myles Jack talks about how much of an impact his relationship with the Mora family had on his recruitment and whether he'll play any running back this year...

Myles Jack talks on recruitment, position possibilities:

On the lack of heat in San Bernardino:
It's definitely a different kind of heat than I'm used to.  It's a dry heat and with the temp the offense is running, it's not helping at all, but if this is the minimum, I can deal with it and I'm glad. 

On adjustment to college practices:
Day one was a shell shock for me.  I didn't know what was going on or where the ball was at.  Today, I got a little more acclimated to the pace but it is definitely a night and day difference in pace, especially with our offense and no huddle and constantly moving.  It's a big difference.  (Coming off the Navy Seals) We had to do that and do those workouts and then get reacclimated to football stuff right off the bat, but that was a big adjustment.  We made it happen and now we're here.

On his recruitment:
I would ask Cole Mora (Jim Mora's son, a friend from Bellevue HS), if his dad really interested in me and he'd be like 'yeah.'  And I trusted Cole so he would tell me, my dad really wants you at his school and he'll take care of you and that made a difference to me.  His (other) son and my brother were on the same (pop warner team).  He kind of remembers me when I was a younger guy, like sophomore year, before my growth spurt. I watched NFL Network every morning and then he's coaching my little brother.  That was unbelievable.

On watching Anthony Barr last year:
That was his first year at outside linebacker and he made it happen last year.  I feel like if they could have me four years, what could they do with me, I was already in.  And once I saw the improvement he made, being in the meeting rooms, he said he was third string and then he was first string by the end of San Bernardino.  So that was definitely attractive to me. 

On the weight room:
That might be a myth, I don't know about that.  I'm just working hard every day,. trying to get better, trying to earn the respect of my teammates, my coaches and earn a spot hopefully.

On learning the defense:
Pretty much it was an adjustment just learning new terminology, the 3-4.  We ran a 4-3 in high school, so that was pretty different.  It wasn't really much of a big change, I just had to put my head in the playbook and learn, call Coach Ulbrich once in a while when I was up in Bellevue.  The older guys they took us under their wings, they helped us every day, every time we had a question, during 7on7, they answered everything, so it was a smooth transition from high school to college.

On the open linebacker spot:
Pretty mnuch what he told me is camp, nobody's spot is locked, even Anthony Barr's, but I'll let that go.  HE said nobody's spot is guaranteed.  I'm just coming in to battle every day and try to earn a spot.

On ability to move inside:
If he wants me to, I'll make it happen.  I'll make the transition, and stay after practice and make it happen.  Whatever he wants me to do, I'm in it.  When they first recruited me, they looked at me more as inside, but as they saw me progress, they put me at outside.

On some running back:
I don't' know but I've heard the coaches kind of hint at it.  We'll see, right now, I have to get this defense in under way before I can focus on it.  But if that's in the plan, I'll make it happen and go back to my high school days and score some touchdowns for the team.

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