VIDEO: Wysocki on OL Competition

The redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Ben Wysocki talks about having a chance to start and staying with the program after the coaching change...

Ben Wysocki talked to us after practice.

On transforming his body:
When I showed up as a redshirt freshman, I was about 310, 6-4, with a little bit of baby fat on me, just lifting, not doing a lot of cardio, I was doing some, but a lot of footwork stuff, but not really getting in good shape. And then transitioning from those first two seasons into about 6-4.5, grew another half inch when I turned 21, I got a little bit taller, and trimmed down to about 285-290. Right now, I'm about 295, it's a good weight for me, good moving weight. Not so slow. And I can get out of my stance better and get down field and block better and even in pass pro, i feel a lot better. Especially with the pulling game, it's a lot nicer, especially from 310 to 295.

On being slotted with the 1's:
Compared to last camp, it's nice to have the numbers and ne able to rotate, but there definitely guys that are coming in to compete, and it's not just mu spot, it's definitely something I'll have to fight for.

On advice from Adrian Klemm:
He wants to see aggression, every day, day in and day out. Coming off the ball, seeing my sets right. No matter what, if there is a little mess up in assignments, just always going my hardest. Just play the next play and not hold on to play

On the attrition of offensive linemen:
The biggest thing is there are going to be ups and downs, and you have to conquer them. It has to be with in., It's not physical, it's mental. It's mental toughness. We talk about that all the time. It's something I learned from a young age and you have to keep on pursuing and not give up. Even when they are testing you. It definitely was a difference, not being one of the guys he recruited, but I'm still standing here today, and I know I battled through, and I know he's' proud of me and he wants me to be one of those guys this year.

On the offensive line:
Its definitely from spring transitioning from now, with other guys in the mix it's going to be all chemistry. Comparing last year to his year, they had great chemistry and we're going to rebuild that this year. Its a restart button basically.

On playing with experienced guys like Jake Brendel and Xavier Su'a-Filo:
It's amazing. I've roomed with Jake and I know him on a personal level and I know X and me get along. It was weird when he got back from his mission, I was watching him when he was a freshman and I was in high school and he was starting and now to be playing with the man. It's awesome. He was gone for two whole years, it amazes me that he clicks right away on the football field and off.

On expectations for the offensive line:
I see us just working harder. We go back and watch the film from last year and work on that leading up to practice and the first game and into the season.

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