VIDEO: Graham with First String

Redshirt senior defensive end Keenan Graham talks about his growing comfort in the 3-4 defense, and the talent level of this year's team...

Keenan Graham talks about his play in the 3-4:

On working at defensive end:
The first day, you feel kind of sluggish and you need to get back to your playing weight so you feel good. I feel now after a couple of days of practice under my belt, I feel good.

On adjusting to a 3-4 DE from a 4-3 DE:
The adjustment was a little tough at first. Just trying to pick up the techniques now and listen to what Coach Angus tells me every day and just come out here every day and work on one thing and get better at that.

On working with the 1's:
I've gotten a lot of reps with the ones and I'm trying to make the most of it. I feel like I had a good practice and now I'll go back and look at the film and see what I can improve on.

On his playing weight:
I'm at 255 right now and I feel that's a solid weight for me to be playing at. I can hold my own in there and get my leverage going.

On the rotation:
I can definitely see that. I love to pass rush. A lot of people know me as a pass rush specialist and I take pride in it. Every time I'm out there and its a pass rush, I take pride in being a relentless pass rusher. If that's the role I'll play this season, then that is perfectly fine with me.

On skills from playing linebacker:
It definitely helps a lot, knowing what the backers are doing at all times is a huge advantage for me. I can make calls and won't have a problem lining up. Its kind of cool having that experience at linebacker.

On being his final season:
The goal is always to start. That's my first goal and that should be everybody's goal. I'm going to work hard in camp and see where the chips fall. Whatever happens, it's my last year and I just want to help. You'll see me over there (on offense in goal line). I've been told by Coach Mazzone that I'll be playing it again. Cassius loves it and he can't wait to get over there and catch another touchdown.

On the defense:
Everyone is speaking with their actions. When we go there and practice, the intensity is great Its an intensity we've never seen before since I've been here. Its not because anyone is saying anything, everyone is doing it. Even the young guys, Im impressed with them, they're out there making plays.

On seeing the difference in talent level:
You definitely can (see it). Coach Mora and all the coaches are bringing in some real talent man. Going up against these freshman offensive linemen those dudes are good. They're out there balling and I go and tell them after practice good job, and they're making me better. Sometimes I look around and am amazed. The intensity, its awesome.

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