VIDEO: Covington on Punting

Freshman punter Sean Covington talks about the first day of live punting in practice and where the punting competition stands at this point...

Sean Covington on punting:

On first day of actual punting:
It was the first day of sort of live, it was kind of nice having my snapper, punting, seeing the guys get downfield and get the receiver. I didn't really get that much jitters.

On his biggest strengths:
I want to try to improve hang time. I'm up there but I want to get it higher. Other than that, I'm fine with the distance but I'm close to the hang time.

On being a true freshman:
Kai'mi has taught me a lot. He's pretty much told me everything. He just told me to keep your head up. If you have a bad punt, just go through it. I'm rooming with Kai'mi, Longo and Mitch, the second part of the snapper.

On the transition:
It feels nice to get the first punt off and get that punt off. I would say the hardest part is the snap and getting the hang time. Florida has humidity and this weather is just amazing. It can't get better than this. When I heard California and that (UCLA) was looking at me, I was like, this is amazing. That's kind of my dream. I always wanted to live in California.

On what he needs to work on:
More of the mental. I think i have the physical abilities but I just need to keep practicing and that's pretty much it. We practiced this summer with (Jeff) Locke and Fairbairn and punted with him and he taught me a lot this summer. I have the rugby punt too.

On if he'd been given the starting job:
Yeah. It's just, 'you're the only guy' so just step up and do it.

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