VIDEO: Jones on Losing Appeal

Senior running back Malcolm Jones talks about losing the appeal for a fifth year, whether he'll earn an scholarship, and the changes he's made to his body...

Malcolm Jones on losing the NCAA appeal:

On the NCAA:
It was a pretty big hit for me and it was a tough decision but it is what it is, I just have to take advantage of it and take advantage of this last year. The main argument was that I wasn't in school for the whole entire football season, I just played in one game. I wasn't on the team or practicing. Their main argument was that they see cases like that all the time and they have to just draw the line at some point. It's a little bit unlucky. I'll just take it as motivation to work as hard as I can this year. Pretty much they said there is nothing I can do. I could appeal it but there really is no point to it. Like they said, they have to draw the line between exceptions. You almost have to expect for the worst and hope for the best so I kind of expected I wouldn't but hoped I would. And when I heard I didn't get it, it was a little bit sad but I expected it in the first place.

On his offseason:
I've been working hard, real hard this summer and now that it's official and I'm a senior this year, I have to bust my butt and work harder on the field. I worked out six days a week this summer, working really hard. Not slimmed down, but gained muscles and lost fat. Feel a lot slimmer, feel a lot leaner, feel pretty quick too. I pretty much kept the same weight, reshaped my body (to 225).

On how he sees himself as a player:
I feel like I'm a complete package at running back. I can run, block and catch. I have lateral speed, I have vertical speed. I'm one of the bigger backs on the team. So I make up for it. I feel like I can get some playing time. I'm the only running back above 200 pounds.

On his performance so far:
I feel like I've been practicing really well so far, but we still have five two-a-days.

On earning a scholarship:
I talked to him a little and he said I've just got to do what I did in spring and if all goes well, I should be fine. If I keep working the way I keep working, I should be good to go.

On if he'll stay on team if he doesn't get a scholarship:
I'm still going to be in school. Regardless if I don't get a scholarship, I'll still be on the team. I'm still on track to graduate this coming spring. So I'm taking a little extra classes each quarter because I fell behind.

On running angrier:
Almost that extra motivation has given me that anger in side. It is kind of frustrating that it is my last year and I can't make up for last year and I take that anger when I'm on the field. Feel like every defender is the NCAA at this point.

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