VIDEO: White at Right Tackle

Torian White talks about gaining 30 pounds this offseason, how he made his gains without gaining too much fat, and how he's adjusting to the move to the right side of the offensive line...

Torian White talks about making the move to right tackle:

On first practice in pads:
I think it went great. We had on shells earlier, so it wasn't like we just jumped into pads, but I think the intensity was great and everyone has been working their asses off and I think that's what the coaches want and I think we are.

On Caleb Benenoch:
I think it's awesome playing next to Caleb, he's a big powerhouse. The guy's a tank. I've been helping him out with the calls, talking to him as much as I can and I have to be communicating with him. He's learning like everyone else that just came in. Coach is trying to push him more and more because that spot isn't guaranteed his, it's a competition.

On switching between tackle spots:
I trust my coach a lot and I talk with him about it. It's more for me to get experience on the right side. I don't have a problem with starting. If I'm on the field playing, that's the most important part to me. Sure, I like playing the left side, but I like the right side too.

On any difference between the sides:
Absolutely not, I take my job just as seriously. Basically, everything the same on the left side, but reversed a little bit. But I would say everything is just the same and I'm putting in the same amount of work.

On his body transformation:
At the end of last season, actually, I got down to 265. That was entering the bowl game. Since then, I've gained 30 pounds and I'm 295 currently. I've been working a lot in the offseason. The main thing for me is keeping on the weight. I eat and eat and eat, like a small family size for food all the time. But the problem for me is keeping it on because I have the metabolism of a goat. I've been doubling down on the shakes and eating carbs at the right time. That was something I kind of learned about. I have to eat my carbs after I work out and my protein before. That's the meal plan I've been based off. It got explained to me and it made more sense and it's working.

On working with Coach Alosi:
Coach Alosi works with all of us when it comes to meals. I personally am working on my recovery a lot. It's putting everything back in that is the most crucial to me. I talked to Coach Alosi about that and he talked about what to eat and when, and said it's good to eat something before you go to bed. And he's really told me I could be lenient with the foods that I eat because of my body type. Which is great because I love pizookies from B.J's. I don't think anyone doesn't.

On grading the offensive line last season:
Last year I think everyone progressed. This offseason I think was huge for us and everyone took a big step up which is just great for the unit as an offensive line. If one person gets better the line gets better. I feel like from spring ball to now, everyone has put in so much work and working their ass off and I couldn't have a better band of brothers.

On if its because of consistency in coaching or the experience returning:
It could be that Coach Klemm has been coaching us well, everybody ahs adjusted to his coaching and doing everything the way he asked and everyone is on the same page in doing the drills. Just everything in technique.

On his own strength:
I do feel like I'm a little bit stronger, especially facing a bullrush, its a little bit easier from last year, but that's also because I've been working on my technique, but there were things I didn't know from playing last to this year that has come with experience.

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