VIDEO: Moreau Talks Position Switch

Cornerback Fabian Moreau talks about switching from offense last year, what made the coaches want to make the switch, and what he did over the offseason to get ready for the fall...

Fabian Moreau talks about the offseason work he's put in to try to win the starting corner job:

On the position change to cornerback:
It started off hard, really hard. I had to learn how to backpedal, how to get off my breaks, and play backwards. Now I'm starting to get it, and a lot more comfortable and competing now.

On having the athleticism to make the switch:
I already felt like I had it, I just had to get stronger. Right now, I'm around 200 pounds and just working.

On understanding the defense:
I know the playbook now, I know when a receiver is going to break now, I feel more comfortable and am making plays.

On how the position change came to be:
Coach Mora he asked me if I ever played defense and I said no. And Coach Meat came up to me and asked me to put out my arms and he got all happy because I've got arms. So I made the switch during that practice and have been here ever since. I just wanted to get on the field and was going to take any route.

On working at running back before the bowl game:
When I went back to running back, I still loved the position, but I'm a DB now and I didn't feel comfortable so I was ready to get back to defense and compete.

On development in spring:
Spring made me realize what I had to work on so that opened my eyes. So after spring, I would just backpedal after workouts and worked on the little things and that helped me a lot and why I'm a better player now.

On an average day in the offseason:
We would lift in the morning. After our workouts I would just stay and backpedal and backpedal and work on footwork, work on my breaks. We would have team run and I would do the same thing. Then Saturday's, more backpedal and put in work.

On the Navy Seals:
That Navy Seal training was something else and it helped us become a team.

On playing this year:
They're mixing everybody. The only way to think, I'm competing every day to start. It's pure corner right now.

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