VIDEO: Jefferson at Safety

Defensive back Anthony Jefferson talks about his versatility in the secondary and how it feels to be fully healthy...

Anthony Jefferson talks about playing safety:

On playing safety this fall:
I did play a lot of corner in spring but as you know I did play a lot of safety last year. It's not like it's a new thing, its getting back into the groove of things, moving back to safety. At this point I'm comfortable moving from corner to nickel to safety, because in our group, our guys should know everything because we're trying to figure things out in our secondary.

On finally being healthy:
Two years ago, I was definitely not as healthy as I am now, I can tell you that much. It's been a progress and it's still a progress. As we keep going on, I'll start feeling better, I'll keep working and making myself better in every aspect that I can. I try to get as much treatment as I can. I have a doctor in Pasadena. We've been working a lot and I keep trying to do whatever I can to keep my body up.

On if he feels more comfortable at safety than corner:
Not at all, 100% comfortable at both positions and I think that's a great thing at 5this pint, because every guy has to know every position and me being able to go from one to another, I think that's helping the young guys and that will give them the confidence. I think its great right now what Coach Meat is doing.

On if its a permanent move:
We're just moving around right now and we're just trying to figure everything out right now. You may see me at corner one day, safety, you may see a lot of guys moving, we're just adjusting.

On being a veteran now:
I understand the task at hand, I'm ready to play and trying to get the younger guys and the older guys, we want to show people what we're made of and we're a pretty good secondary.

On the younger defensive backs:
The younger guys are a bunch of athletes, they're really athletic. I think the younger guys, technical is something that they have to work on but for the most pat, everyone has shown me something through camp and the more they work, the better they get.

On penalties:
It all starts at the line, most of the time, if you don't do your right technique, you might end up in a bad position. You have to learn that once you're in a bad position, you have to make up and get back to your receiver and get stuck to the receiver without putting your hands on him. It will get better as time goes on.

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