VIDEO: Massington on ACL

Receiver Eldridge Massington tore his ACL in July of last year and was finally cleared for full contact just two weeks prior to the start of fall camp...

Eldridge Massington talks about his ACL:

On fall practice after spring practice:
I'm getting used to the tempo. In the spring, it was mainly just getting my knee right. I was focused on getting back to 100% with my knee and it's really new for me too. It's 100%, I'm feeling good. The doctor cleared me two weeks ago. I was excited and I had to thank God for that.

On if the knee brace will be on all year:
They said it will but I'm not going to let it be. I'm taking the brace off sooner or later. They keep telling me to keep it on but I don't like that. I hate the brace.

On his knee:
Taking it day by day, gaining my confidence each day as I run my routes. Being out here with my coaches and having him correct me and help me out. I can't go half speed. That was the biggest thing as first that the coaches were getting on me about. I was thinking a lot, and thinking about it and slowed down and they said to just play.

On if he'll have the same burst:
Yeah, but with the knee brace, it restricts my stride a little bit. The coaches and player say I'm limping, but I'm not, I'm just carrying this knee brace. I'm back to full speed. I'm feeling faster now than I did before.

On matching up with the DBs:
I'm so thankful and glad to be back on the football field, especially with the DBs we have. I feel like we have the best DBs in the Pac-12 so I'm getting the best of the best. So when they're knocking me around, or there is physical contact, I feel like I'm getting better.

On if he'll get in the receiver rotation:
Right now, I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and learn doing what the coaches tell me. As I learn the system better, I'll play much faster. Learning from the older guys, Devin Lucien, Jordan Payton, Shaq Evans, learning from them. It don't get better then them. I feel like they're the best receivers in the country right now.

ON his own performance so far:
I don't really have a grade right now, because I'm still getting back in to everything, but as the year and the season goes on, I feel like I'll be heading in that direction.

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