VIDEO: Clark on Fall Camp

Freshman nose tackle Kenneth Clark talks about how he's performed so far in fall camp and what the biggest adjustments have been...

Kenneth Clark on fall camp:

On the first few days of college practice:
I think I improved a lot going from high school on to college. I think I'm improving every practice. I'm staying in the film room with Coach Angus and learning everything I need to learn for the nose guard position.

On the difference in coaching:
Really the difference is its more details you have to know. So of course the coaches have to stay with you more and talk to you more. The coaches have to tell you more details and repeat things over and over. In high school, it's more straight forward, I know what to do. More the technical aspect.

On the difference from high school to college:
I think technique wise, I came in kind of good, but I'm improving every day. I think I'm improving from day one to day four. We played a 3-5 in college so I'm used to playing that nose guard position, being double-teamed and triple-teamed. It's what I have to do. Some of the blitzes open you up. The nose guards make their plays. You'll get double-teamed and triple-teamed but you make your plays. You can make a statement. Casey Hampton, Haloti Ngata, they get double and triple teamed and they make plays.

On the veterans he's battling for the job:
Of course I want to be the starter, but I want to run with the best, and I want to be able to play. Everybody is going to contribute to the team but I just want to be able to play and be a good aspect to this team.

On feedback from the coaching staff:
Coach Angus has just been correcting me on things I need to fix. Step wise. Really just things with my technique.

On the adjustment to college:
Academic wise, it was pretty different, always making sure you're doing your stuff. During the summer, they had us on a schedule, so you have to make sure you have time management. You're growing up and becoming a man and you have to do this.

On the freshman:
We all know that. We always talk to each other. Every freshman. There are a lot of freshman out here making plays and we're excited for them, offense or defense, and seeing our guys make plays, its great and exciting for the future.

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