VIDEO: Adams on the Secondary

Cornerback Ishmael Adams talks about how the depth chart in the secondary is still up in the air and how his shoulder is coming along...

Ishmael Adams on the secondary:

On being fully healthy:
Right after spring. They just wanted to make sure I did everything I was supposed to. They ended up clearing me right after so I was pretty happy.

On running with the 1's:
I'm just out here trying to work every day. Wherever Coach Meat or Coach Mora asks me to go then I'm more than happy to go and do exactly that. All I can do is my best and put my ability on the field.

On the movement in the secondary:
We're just letting everyone get an opportunity to get on the field and display what they have. Getting the chemistry on to the field with each other. We're going to have a lot of players going in and out. He just wanted to get the best four on the team and it's all about having the best 11 on the team.

On getting his freshman season back:
It was a big privilege to get that opportunity for me to play, the sad thing was me getting hurt. I will just have to use that in my favor, knowing what I messed up on, and the other things and apply it this year to plays. It's a great opportunity for me.

On the reps against the receivers:
It helps a lot. They are going to prepare you the best to go against the top receivers in the country and get ready for the season as best as possible. They put you in those uncomfortable situations that you're going to appear in during the season and throughout your play. I enjoy going against them, and they bring those attitudes that no one can guard them and to earn their respect is a great privilege.

On the incoming freshman:
It was a good opportunity for me to get better and just knowing that freshman are here to battle with me and get better with me. I was already there and it gave me an opportunity to get adjusted to the program and use that to my ability. We're all here trying to get better so far and we're looking to take that into the season.

On being the nickel:
I'm not sure. I feel very well being the nickel but Jayon as well as doing really good. Justin Combs and everyone else that has gotten that opportunity is playing well as well. I feel really good at the position and I'll keep working every day and I can only do that.

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