VIDEO: Mazzone on Offensive Development

Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about how the offense has looked so far in fall, the running back situation as it currently stands, and how Asiantii Woulard has looked to him so far...

Noel Mazzone on the offense:

On camp so far:
It's going good. I think. We're getting a lot of work in. It kind of got hot but we needed it. We get that typical little dip in all camps. I think they've been working hard. I've really been happy with the young guys. The freshman that we brought in have really stepped in and gotten a lot of reps and starting to really contribute.

On Asiantii Woulard:
I tell the kid, potentially, he looks really good, but never mistake potential for performance. This is a brand new deal for him. You see how fast we practice, and the communication and the split decisions that our quarterbacks have to make, it's just a process for him and a lot of reps and he's aggressively every day, I've seen him the last two days and he's starting to catch on. They all hit the wall. Every quarterback I've ever had because they're now thinking of eight million things.

On Woulard rooming with Brett Hundley:
I think that's good, I think that's good for all of them. I think right now, we're looking for guys that push each other and to be competitive and we need to have that same competiveness in the quarterback room. I would like to see some of these young guys push for some positions, and we'd like to make that decision quick and I think in the next couple of days you'll see some separation.

On what he wants to see solidified:
I think our tight end spot, we've moved Nate Iese and he's really starting to bring some things to us we haven't had. He and Tre and J.B. I think the young offensive linemen, I'm really excited about those guys and the learning curve they're going through right now. And then some good young receivers. Right now, there is no freshman on the football field for us. They're all the same age, same guy, and we coach them the same way. I think the young kids have done well coming in and absorbing the information.

On Eldridge Massington's recovery:
I don't think he's all the way the back, it's only been about a year. I've really seen, he's one of the guys who in the last day, has really started to flash for us. He's going through the same thing all the others ones are. He's starting to fight his way through and he had a really good practice (Saturday) night.

On the receiver's versatility:
It's been nice with that group because now we're in the second year of the offense, and they've been able to jump in tight spots for us. It allows us now to spend a little bit of time to focus on the young guys like Jalen Ortiz, Darren Andrews, Eldridge Massington and Thomas Duarte. That's a good group of guys right there and they're able to get a little bit more attention than they would have maybe a year ago when we were trying to get Shaq to do the right stuff.

On the running back situation:
I don't think it's necessary (for a 20-carry back). All you look for is productivity at the position. If it takes one guy or four guys, it's the same productivity. I think those kids are competing to be the next Johnathan Franklin, and competing to be the starter, that's great. Jordon, Manfro, Perkins and Malcolm, I'm really fired up how those guys have a little bit of competition in their own room and competition makes them better. We'll use them all in that spot. We've still got Thiggy out there who's going to come back in a little bit. The tempo we play, we're going to keep that group fresh.

On losing Thigpen last year:
He looks so much better, he's up to 192 instead of 170-something last year. He looks good and I think he's starting to feel comfortable with his knee. He's come back with it. I know he works hard every day. He's an asset to this football team, and he's anxious and when he comes back he'll step right in and help us.

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