VIDEO: Fitts Adjusting Well

Defensive end Kylie Fitts talks about working with the ones and the differences, for him, between spring practice and fall camp...

Kylie Fitts talks about his conditioning work in the offseason:

On practicing relatively close to home:
This is nice. The weather was 115 last year, where I was practicing. In terms of practice, it's a lot different, tempo-wise, but it feels like I'm home, five minutes way.

On the advantages of being with the team in spring:
In the spring, I was just completely dying. Throwing up between sets and individuals. But my effort has been raised a lot more and I feel better now.

On reshaping his body:
Coach Alosi had us on a great conditioning program, every day in the summer. Tuesday's we did the most work. Tuesday's, we'd wake up at 6, lift, stretch, do a little bit of running, and then come back at 4, and do a little more running. And everyone was just dead. But it definitely prepared us for here and San Diego before this. Lots of people are in shape now. The first couple of days you could feel it. Starting this week, though, we're feeling good. We came off slow, but started picking it up a little bit.

On the day off on Sunday:
It was great. It was good for team bonding. We had a lot of activities, going to the pool and the movies. It was fun to get off our legs and rest and bond with each other.

On his role this fall:
Lots of us are playing nickels, there are a bunch of different packages. I'm just working hard this summer and seeing where I stand at the end of fall. There are a few of us competing and we're all working hard. The other two people are really good. It's going to be tough and a fun competition.

On Eddie Vanderdoes and his relationship:
When I committed, I tried calling him up and I called Coach Mora, and he said he's going to Notre Dame. Then when it all happened, we called each other up and we're all excited. And when he came in, we've become great friends and we're trying to help each other out on the defensive line. It will be a little friendly competition.

On the freshman defensive linemen:
Every night, after film, we get a little fired up and say 'imagine us our senior year, just dominating, being the best defensive line in the nation.'

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