VIDEO: Manfro Returns to Running Back

Steven Manfro talks about making the switch back to running back from receiver and how much the shoulder hindered his play last year...

Steven Manfro talks about switching back to running back:

On being back at running back:
It feels great. It's the position I've been playing my whole life, ever since pee wee football. It's the position I feel most natural at. It's the best position for me.

On moving to F:
It was during spring, and they didn't have an official F, so they were using me as an F and at the T, but when it came to camp, they moved me straight to the F. Whatever I could do to get on the field, I'm going to do it.

On the running back battle:
I think someone can pull away. During the practices, someone has to prove to everyone and prove to the coaches who the better back is. You have to be good at blocking, passing, ball security, you have to be good at all three and see who's the best and become the starter. We all have unique schools. I think that's what's good, we all bring different things to the table and different, positive and successful things to the team.

On his shoulder:
I'm good, I'm 100% and I feel great and it feels good to be back on the field. Shortly after spring I was cleared. I think it takes about six months to be fully healed and it was close to that, but it was more precautionary. I dislocated it in one of the first few games. It definitely did something, but I was trying not to think about it and keep it out of my head. It was tough, but it was really no excuse.

On being used in special teams:
I'm hoping. Whatever I can do to get on the field and help my team win. Punt returns, kick returns, I'll be there willing to do it.

On playing last fall:
It was definitely a positive. You get on the field, you can see how fast it is, the pace, you can see the crowd and how loud it is. It was good to get you acclimated to the game.

On reshaping his body:
I gained some weight. I feel faster with Coach Alosi's conditioning program. I fell good, I feel quick, I feel strong and I'm ready to go.

On the difference from last year:
There is a lot more freshman so there is always people rotating in. There is constantly people in, swarming to the ball, and you can't tell who people are because they're always switching in.

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