VIDEO: Brown on Playing Safety

Jayon Brown talks about working as a nickel safety so far in camp and how the tempo compares to high school fall camp...

Jayon Brown talks about working as a nickel safety:

On getting acclimated to college:
We've got a quick tempo and studying the playbook, and learning the defense with the coaches. The temp is very different (from high school). Very fast and up-tempo. That way in a game, it slows down and we can perform better.

On the adjustment:
During the summer, I had no idea. We knew it was a fast pace tempo, but I had no idea it was this fast. But all the freshman, we're adjusting and getting used to it. It's good, we're getting in shape and just adjusting.

On playing the nickel safety:
I'm very comfortable with it and it's good. I just have to keep studying the playbook, and learn and get into the system of things. I just have to keep performing out there on the field.

On playing mini-backer:
Right now, I'm nickel safety at this point and I'm just trying to perform on the field, and do the best I can on the field.

On his weight:
I came in about 200 and I'm still right around there. Coach Alosi got us in the weight room and getting us strong.

On working with Demetrice Martin:
it's good, he teaches us new techniques and how to cover and how to zone cover and man, it's good and it's working out for us.

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