VIDEO: Savaiinaea on Body Change

Freshman linebacker Isaac Savaiinaea talks about losing a considerable amount of weight this offseason, and how that's helped him become the main backup at inside linebacker...

Isaac Savaiinaea talks about weight loss:

On running with the one's:
It's a great opportunity to get out with the first string guys. They've been teaching me a lot, making sure I know my stuff. It kind of puts a little weight on your shoulders that you've got everything and you know everything, because the middle linebacker has to know everything. It's pretty humbling to be there.

On adjusting to playing inside in the 3-4:
IN high school, we ran a 3-4. It's all fundamentals here. There are so many more plays. After while you get used to it, it slows down.

On the experience of the other linebackers:
They're great resources, if you ever have a question, you just go to them, and they'll tell you what to do and you can fix it.

On reshaping his body in the offseason:
I cut down 30 pounds. Pretty much, what I used to do my junior year. All that training came back. I got lazy my senior year, just ate. Those five-star meals. But I started running and lifting again and the weight started coming off. I always try to just limit what I eat, because (My parents) cook some pretty hearty food.

On his weight now
I'm at 230, 235 right now. By my senior year, I want to be 240, 245, but for at least my freshman or sophomore year, I want to stay at this weight.

On which linebacker spot he'll play:
After I get down the middle really good, I could probably switch from mike to jack, we'll see if that happens in the future.

On Myles Jack:
He's a great cover guy. He's probably the best linebacker right now that can cover. We have him in our dime package and he's always the nickel and it's always great to have him.

On being a leader already:
Just the way we were raised, you always want to be a leader. I know my place, I'm a freshman still, I need to know what to say and do, but I try to lead by example.


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