VIDEO: Andrews on Versatility

Freshman receiver Darren Andrews talks about playing both slot and wide receiver this fall camp, his comfort in the offense, and his connection to Eric Yarber...

Darren Andrews talks about his versatility:

On bouncing around the receiver positions:
They want me to know both inside and out so I can play anywhere. It's good, they're cross-training me right now. I'm getting the concept of the outside and it's helping a lot.

On his speed:
The 100m and 200m, in state I qualified for the 100m, and that was my main focus. In state, I ran a 10.5 (in the 100), and in the 200 I ran a 21.9. That was just a race to run, but the 100 was my race to run.

On if it translates to pads:
I think so. I feel like I have an advantage over some people because they're fast. But in college, there are a lot of people that are as fast as you so you have to have the technique that is provided for you to get off the coverage.

On adjusting to college:
I think I adjusted well. The first two days, I was like, man this offense is moving fast. But I adjusted and I feel confident and well.

On being a 3-star out of high school:
That's your guys decision and you guys do that for a living and you guys rate people. I don't bother to look at that stuff, because I know how good I am.

On being related to Eric Yarber:
My dad and him went to college and they're just close. Knowing that he's a great receivers coach, knowing who he coached, the Chad Ochocinco's and the T.J. Houshmanzadeh's and guys that got to the next level, that was more of an aspect for me to come here.

On picking up the offense:
I think I'm about 95% on offense. I think I've come a long way. The first two days, my head was spinning because the offense was going so fast and the signals were coming fast. But I've calmed down in the offense and learned to pace myself. I think I'm getting there. I'm at 95%, not 100% but close. Doing whatever I can to help the team.

On if he'll be used in the backfield:
I played running back when I was young, so it wouldn't be anything new. Anything I can help, I've done it before, so it's nothing new.

On the role he anticipates for this year:
I think I can have a pretty big impact, especially when people get tired, that's when we come in, with fresh legs, when the defense gets tired.

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