VIDEO: Martin on Secondary

Defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin talks about Anthony Jefferson's move to safety, the effects of Johnny Johnson's absence, and what he thinks of Fabian Moreau's play so far in camp...

Demetrice Martin on the secondary:

On Anthony Jefferson:
AJ is kind of a jack of all trades. No doubt, he was a top athlete coming out of high school. He fought through a couple of injuries. This last spring, he did well at a couple of positions, nickel, safety, corner. He just happened to make more plays at corner this spring because we needed him there. With his knowledge of the defense and being older, because he doesn't have a lot of in-game experience, it helps being older when you have that kind of presence in the backend when you have a guy barking out the orders and the signals. And quite honestly, covering from inside in the slot from the nickel and safety, is harder than covering outside.

On the mental side of the safety position:
You have those special guys that can grasp it. Shoot, we have two young guys that can grasp it, learning our defense and our scheme. Once they get that, you can tell those guys will be coming down hill and busting some heads.

On Fabian Moreau:
Fabian, this time last year, it was a situation like this after practice, he was just messing around, covering some guys, and we're like 'hey, we're a little low on numbers over here, come on over here, they have Johnathan Franklin over there.' We recruited against ourselves and got him over here on defense.  He's done exactly what we pictured him doing. He's strong, he's fast, he's smart. He has all the intangibles that you look for in a corner and he's taken to the position and he's doing things now a veteran corner. Last year and then in the spring and he was seeing everything for the first time, but now he's like 'I've seen this before.' I said (to him) no running backs have arms that long, they have short arms to wrap the ball, we need you over here to swipe the ball away from receivers.

On versatile DBs:
The thing we took along with our defensive backfield is I want guys that can be all-around DBs and can play every position and interchangeable. I want them to say "i can play dime, I can play safety, I can play nickel, I can play corner. We wanted guys we can mix and match and put them anywhere.

On the Adams/Moreau/Goforth/Jefferson running as the 1s:
Those are the four that are the most advanced within the scheme and the playbook. It's obvious you want to get every section of the practice off to a great start, but if you notice during the practice, those other guys are in with the 1s as practice goes on. But at the start of practice, we want the guys with the reps. The cream will rise to the top, it always does.

On Priest Willis:
He does a lot of things that are really natural. He does a lot of stuff that needs to be polished up. But he could be special. He could be really special. He's a corner. I recruit guys that can do it all. He's a guy that obviously has the body type, that he could play safety, or he could play nickel. A guy we call a big corner, but he moves so well and so fluidly and a lot of things he does is just so easy for him, if he can master the corner position he can be dynamic and he fits into our thoughts of being all-around defensive backs.

On Tahaan Goodman:
I wanted to get a chance to look at him and put him on the outside, guys that are long and can run and I like the guys with length out there, his advantage is he's learning the defense from the safety position, so it would be alright if he moved to corner.


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