VIDEO: Ulbrich on Linebackers

Linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich talks about how the younger players have fit into the scheme and, specifically, the versatility of Myles Jack...

Jeff Ulbrich talks about the linebackers:

On Myles Jack's versatility:
There's no doubt. We look back in the chronicles of time and he's like a Chad Brown type in Pittsburgh. He played outside backer in a 3-4, and they went nickel-dime, he was an inside backer. A guy like that we're just trying to find a role for because you just want him on the grass for you. You really do. He is definitely raw and he needs a lot of work, but there is no doubt he has the physical tools to run with the receivers and do all those things in coverage. It's exciting to see a kid like this develop. It really is.

On settling the role of the fourth linebacker:
They're still fighting. I think the cream will rise and Aaron Wallace has done really well so far, but Kenny Orjioke has shown some flashes and Myles has shown some flashes. And the kid we can't forget about is Deon Hollins. He's going to help us this year.

On five guys for two spots:
It's a good problem to have. It's a really good problem to have. I'm enjoying watching those guys compete, it will make them a lot better.

On watching Orjioke and Wallace line up at different spots:
It's a great opportunity for these guys to step up and get the reps. A lot of them just need experience, and to get reps and to see things. It's really cool from the developmental side of things. Anthony (Barr) still has to work and still get better, but we kind of know what we have in him.

On Anthony Barr's weight gain:
We'll see. I'm excited to see how it plays out. I haven't seen any sacrifice in quickness. He's one of the rare athletes that can carry that weight. His body always wanted to carry that weight. I think he rededicated himself to the weight room and he's really starting to learn about nutrition and his body is starting to mature.

On Isaac Savaiinaea:
He is uncommonly mature. It's funny, I see him, and I already regard him as a senior, just the way he carries himself. He's got natural presence and leadership. When you think Mike backer, when you look it up in the dictionary, that's kind of what it looks like. Very impressive. The way he's picked up the defense. He'll get fooled once and he'll never get fooled again. He picked it up very quickly. He's just playing Mike right now.

On Ryan Hofmeister's role:
Hof is kind of the swing guy for us. Isaac being with the ones doesn't mean Hof has been demoted. All of us know what he brings, one of the most dependable and reliable guys and absolutely trust him in every way. Putting him with the 2s allows us to give Isaac more reps.

On how camp has been watching the linebackers:
It's been a fun camp for me. Every single one brings something different to this defense and this team.

On the linebacker corps as a whole:
We have to work. I know that's the cliché, but we to work. We have to focus on each rep, each moment of each day, kind of see where the chips fall. I'm just excited about the way we're working and developing the talent that we have.

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