VIDEO: Fairbairn on Offseason

Sophomore kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn talks about his work on kickoffs and how much work he did this offseason to improve on field goals...

Ka'imi Fairbairn talks about kicking:

On working on kickoffs: I made it a point of emphasis in the offseason to just get stronger. I've got big shoes to fill with Jeff Locke leaving. He had a pretty big boot with putting it in the back of the end zone a lot. It's going to be pretty fun to see what I could do this next year for my team. On not conceding the kickoff duties: If (Sean) wins the job, we're competing right now, it's better for the team. If I can win the job, that would be great. On trying to win the kickoff duties: I made it a goal of mine to win the job and I really want to do it because it's a great time of the game, a lot of juices running, the crowd is pumping, that's why I want to be a part of the kickoff team. On taking Sean Covington under his wing: We can relate really well to each other. We both have a lot to learn and we're both really young. Even our longsnapper, Chris Longo, we have a lot to work on together because we're really young. It's fun though to do it together. On getting comfortable with the longsnappers: I've known Reed (Buce) for a week. Camp does bond us together. It's been fun spending time with them and getting in the reps. On establishing a standard: I think naturally, the older guys have to fill that role and teach the younger guys the standard. Coach Ulbrich has really made an emphasis on setting up a whole routine and standard for what we have to do during practice and then games and we've been really on it. On his confidence: The mental side of kicking is huge. Every kick, to me is 100% mental. You just want to get the mental reps as much as you can. Visualizing it all the time, that's what we worked on in the offseason. On kicking a 52-yarder at the end of every practice: My favorite one. Every kick is the same kick. I hit the same ball as a PAT as a 52-yard field goal. Just getting reps with Jerry Neuheisel and Chris Longo, helped with the routine. On extending his range: Obviously, I want to make every kick. Realistically, you want to be money from 40 in. You don't want there to be no question, 40 in. You have to work on it and visualizing it when you get to the game time. On his longest: I haven't tried it in a while. I don't know.

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