VIDEO: Goodman Adjusting to College

Freshman safety Tahaan Goodman talks about how he's had to adjust his mentality as he's gotten into fall camp in San Bernardino...

Tahaan Goodman talks about adjusting to college football:

On adjusting to college:
I really feel great, I just feel I need to keep working at it and get at my playbook and get my treatment so I can be my best.

On how he feels physically:
Just a couple of things I need to get good, I'll be fine.

On the freshman defensive backs:
Before we were practicing and the plays we were learning, it was a lot different putting on the pads, seeing more plays and the playbook. I thought the playbook was easier than it was. Now there are certain things we need to know that we just all need to get together and compete.

On the mental side:
For me, all it really is. The physical, the other part, anyone can really get that down when they work. But who's going to play is people who actually learn the playbook and know exactly where they need to be and know exactly what they need to do.

On Priest Willis being eligible:
It was a great feeling for me. I always felt he would and never had a doubt that he would. But it was a good feeling to know for sure.

On potentially playing cornerback:
I've done it before. Being comfortable, I just would have to learn the new corner style for this defense. Whatever it takes just to help the team.

On going up against the receivers:
It's nice. I'm going up against a lot of great receivers just practicing. What really helps is I just need to learn the technique of our 1on1s and find out what our footing is and lock it down.

On the secondary depth:
I'm always expecting to play and start this year, and as long as I get everything together, and everything together mentally I'll be fine.

On feedback from Coach Demetrice Martin:
Basically just to get together mentally, get in the playbook more, just get out here and do everything I need to do to get comfortable.

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