VIDEO: Fuller on Playing Slot

Devin Fuller talks about how he's adjusted to the idea of being a full-time slot receiver and whether he's given up the dream of being a quarterback...

Devin Fuller talks about being a permanent receiver:

On working with the quarterbacks:
Not so far in fall camp. The coaches have been talking about the Wildcat thing with me, but it's not in the works. Its always my first love. Running my routes, I always think about quarterback, and get quarterback friendly all the time.

On how being a quarterback helps him as a receiver:
I think it helps tremendously because Darius Bell and the slots, we have to have a football IQ that is higher. A Wes Welker, you have to sit down sometime, you have to run routes that aren't the easiest. It's very nice when the quarterback back there is Brett, and me and Darius being quarterbacks, we kind of know what he's thinking. At slot anyway, you can see the pressure, so I know when there is going to be pressure and try to run my routes better and beat my man as fast as I can so when I see that, it's good.

On getting more comfortable at receiver:
I felt comfortable in the spring too. As I went home and trained and just feel more comfortable in the system. It's my sophomore year, my second year in the system and more calm. Fall camp last year, I wasn't getting any reps because I was a quarterback so it just feels more comfortable the position I'm in.

On playing receiver previously:
I played it in the All-American Game for three days and that was it. I played safety in high school so I had some ball skills. I had done ball drills all the time and had picks in high school but I never was running routes.

On if safety has ever come up:
No, but I wouldn't shy away from it if it came up. There is a very good unit there. It's a young group of kids right now.

On Darren Andrews:
He's very explosive. That's one thing that jumps out to you. He's great off the line and running those deep routes, he's always going to be there. He's a great outlet on the crossing routes and the deep routes for the quarterback. Same with Jalen Ortiz, he's just fast and just as explosive and both of those guys will be very good in the system.

On being a safety outlet on offense:
You never know what's going to happen. I hope we're the outlets on some plays, but I know we have Shaq, Devin (Lucien) and Jordan, and collectively we're all going to be taking catches and kind of Joe's. We have a lot of speed out here this year and we're all older and more comfortable in the system. I think we'll all collectively do the job.

On the expectations for the receivers:
I think our receivers are wonderful. With Shaq leading the group, he's tremendous and everyone just feeds off each other and the senior leadership of Shaq and we're all getting better.


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