VIDEO: Brendel on the O-Line

Center Jake Brendel talks about integrating just one freshman into the first string rather than three last year, and what he thinks the potential of the line is this year...

Jake Brendel talks about the offensive line:

On the experience of the offensive line:
It's really nice. It's nice for us to have playing time with each other and just knowing what's going on and what to expect. It's nice to have that feel for each other.

On Caleb Benenoch:
I think he's doing a great job. He just needs to work on something's, like the quickness of the game, it's a different level, even coming from Texas. The quickness of the game is really picking up now, especially with our offense. Once he gets into the swing of things, and getting to know the tempo of the offense, and the tempo of the game, and the way the game shifts. I know exactly what he's going through. Simon is like the exact same things going on. Getting better every day.

On three Texans on the line:
It's nice to see familiar faces and we all know what we've been through, the competition that we had the four years before we got here.

On replacing Jeff Baca:
Baca was very versatile. He could play every position. We need to gain another guy who could do that. We need another jack-of-all-trades. God forbid, if I went down, he could go out there.

On Xavier Su'a-Filo's versatility:
He's actually pretty good right now (at snapping). He could play center. If we had to put him there, he could do it.

On the freshman linemen:
It definitely is hard (to compete for a job as a true freshman) but it's getting easier. Having our strength and conditioning set by system, its nice for them to come in here, get to know the style of the play, having the player-run practices, we could teach them the fundamentals down so the basics are set and they could ramp them up.

On finding the depth behind them:
Just because of numbers, we have a our set, but every single day, Coach Klemm is evaluating us. On the evaluations and how you do each day, you're either going up the ladder or down. He's making sure he has the right guys for us to get the job down.

On if the line can perform better than last year:
I think we can progress, yes. There were some things last year we were limited to and we can now break through those barriers. It's nice for us to all have one group that has been together, but one guy, and he can mesh with us.

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