VIDEO: Klemm on Offensive Line

Adrian Klemm talks about the move of Simon Goines to left tackle, Torian White's offseason work, Xavier Su'a-Filo's versatility, and the potential of several freshmen...

Adrian Klemm on the offensive line:

On some early depth:
We're running pretty deep compared to the past. It's better than what it was before.

On the relative health of the offensive line so far:
I expect them to stay healthy. Those guys are well conditioned. They've been in the program for two years and they're vets. They've taken every rep in practice for two years. And every rep in the game. That takes a toll on their body, but their body is conditioned. They're physically and mental are tough. Simon will be back as soon as he can.

On Torian White and Simon Goines flipping positions:
I've been very impressed with both of them. Simon is mentally tough. He's a little further along in his football IQ, compared to Torian, who was real raw. But the last couple of months, Torian has picked up on things so well. One of the things we always said, when something clicks with him, he's going to be really special. He's not nearly close to what he's going to be. But he's very good right now and being very solid. He's probably been our best in camp so far and I'm really pleased with him. Simon is going against Anthony Barr every play and I think that has been great for him. That helps with his maturation process. It also helps him in terms of confidence because he's done pretty well against him. If, God forbid, something happens to him, we could always kick X over there or kick Torian over there and they could play right tackle. Torian's a pretty sucker right now. You see him walking down, even if you didn't know anything about him, you'd be like, damn, I'd take him. He's 6-6, 290, 12-13% body fat. But what I'm really impressed with him is his work ethic. His passion for football has really developed. I think he liked it before but I think he realized how he could be and his attitude. I just really think he's been the consummate professional.

On Xavier Su'a-Filo's ability to play each position on the line:
X can play everything. I'd never put him at center but he could play guard or tackle and during the season, if we're fortunate to be able to be up on somebody, I'll put him at tackle, get that on film. I'm all about these guys getting their things together and I want to help them. More than likely they'll be healthy though, and we have some guys behind them, Alex Redmond, some of these other guys that are true freshman, Scott Quessenberry, we have some options.

On if Su'a-Filo would move to tackle if a tackle went down:
We have some guards who can play the position. I've been really impressed with Alex and I've been really impressed with Caleb, and one of things people don't understand, it takes a lineman 2-3 weeks to get up to speed. It takes a while to gel and get in there. Then you have a younger guy, most places, when they come out, it's vanilla from the jump, but here, we throw everything at them. We do a lot of stuff. But it's a great thing. When Nevada or Nebraska comes, it's going to look real vanilla to them and it will slow down immensely. I'm pleased with those guys and their progression and I'm excited for what the future holds.

On if he threw guys in last year:
No. I already had an idea from looking at guys in the spring. And getting reports from Coach Alosi and who was doing workouts. You can come out here and see which guys are in shape and which guys aren't. There are some guys who just physically can't do it. Some other guys came in with a different mindset, who are mature, they come from a good program, you take a guy like Scott Quessenberry, I don't have to correct him on anything. He's technically sound. His o-line coach had him all ready when he got here. Caleb came from a program that did similar things to what we do. His understanding for some things than some guys and they're a little bit further along. People underestimate the intangibles. The want-to, the passion. We have a great group of some guys that are passionate more than others and want to be on the field more than others, and maybe they're not ready right now, but they've jumped up faster than someone who was going through the motions.

On Poasi Moala:
I think there are 2-3 guys in this o-line coach that are really special, that you know right now. And then there are some guys who will be with work. But some guys just have natural gifts, and they've got it. And he's one of those guys you look at and are like 'whoa'. It's just a matter of when he physically develops. Something like X, X came back last year, he hadn't worked out and hadn't run or done any of those things, but there were some things he could do schematically that we could cover up some of the deficiencies. It's something that if Poasi got a chance to come on to the field, he could potentially do. He's a guy that is really sudden, he's physical, a real high motor guy. Some things he may lack in strength he may have in other things. I would like to, at this point, redshirt him, if we don't think we need him. But my thing is, and Coach Mora's too, if you know by the 4th or 5th game, they're not playing, then we'll learn towards redshirting them, but if for some reason, 2-3 weeks in the season, he's better than anyone we have, I wouldn't hesitate to use him and get him ready to get him in there.

On Connor McDermott:
He's worked hard, but a part of that is, at the guard position, we're pretty deep, but at the tackle position, we're not as deep, in terms of guys that are viable options for this year. He's really busted his tail, and he may look skinny, but that's because he's super lean. I don't know what his weight is, maybe 270, but he's bigger than people realize. And he's probably a legit 6-8. Not that I'm doing any one any favors, but someone who works as hard as he does, I owe him the opportunity to compete for it.

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