VIDEO: Vanderdoes Gets Back In

Eddie Vanderdoes finally worked in during team drills, and said that his back is feeling much better...

Eddie Vanderdoes talks about working in with the team:

On getting back in:
It felt great, finally getting to hit for the first time since the last game of the season. It was kind of nice and a big relief. I was very antsy. I felt like I had a lot of energy. It was kind of nice that since I was hurt, I learned not to take anything for granted, football wise. It was that much more precious for me to get in and get reps. I haven't lifted in about three weeks.

On his back:
The back is feeling a lot better. I don't know exactly what it was, but I know there was something with my disk. Inside of it, it was moved a little bit. What they were doing it was moving it, getting the swelling down inside of it. A lot of stretching, a lot of combo work on the training table. The last few days I was hurting a little, but I wanted to get in. They wouldn't let me until they felt I was 100% ready to get in and I finally felt like that. The problem was, I would have been back last week, but I rushed it. First practice I was hurt, being a freshman, I wanted to be out there, and that's when I really messed it up. Then I got better, rushed it back again, and I messed it up.

On if he was worried it was serious:
For a little bit, yeah, but all I know, it's not serious. I'm just going to keep going and if I feel something, I'll let Coach Alosi take care of me. I'm probably about 85%.

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