VIDEO: Payton on Receiver Competition

Jordan Payton talks about the differences between last year in San Bernardino and this one, and also discusses how he's held off Devin Lucien so far in the receiver competition...

Jordan Payton talks about the receiver competition:

On how feels in the offense:
It's fun. It's finally become fun. Back when you're a freshman, everything comes flying past you. You've got so many things on your plate, everything, with playbooks, being at meetings on time and practice. Now, you can finally say, you're going out there and competing and having fun.

On the difference in camp this year:
Last year was terrible, I'm not going to sugarcoat. You guys all know, you were here with us too. Not terrible as far as performance, but just the heat, the elements were just hitting you, and I'm a freshman and I'm new to the (college) game and I'm like "ugh". But this year, it's much more specific, it's taking the details and as you know, as we did the team bonding in San Diego, everything is about details and being one. So that's basically what I'm taking from this camp is getting everything fine tuned.

On if the heat last year made him ever think it wouldn't have been like that at Washington:
Oh man. I think Coach Yarbs said something to me about that. You walk out here, and I was like 'man, I would like it if it was raining.' But nah, you love UCLA for this stuff, because after, when its done, and how many times we've talked to recruits and reflected back to this during our season, and in our locker room, those are the things you live for, those are the things that you talk to your mom about and your kids you eventually have and your grandkids and you say 'man, I had the worst camp.' But it's all good.

On holding on to the first string spot and the competition from teammates:
That's a great question. At first, you don't really know how to deal with it. You know he's saying it, and you heard it, you were standing right there when he said it. But for me, if you're not secure enough, it's going to hurt you. It's going to be like, 'man, forget Devin,' but I've known him for so long. I played with him in high school, we played together in 7on7, I just know that, if I was in his spot, I'd be saying the same thing. I respect him so much and he's such a great friend and we hang out all the time. It's crazy because, he can say it, but we'll still hang out. I know it's just part of the game really, and it just really motivates me to go out there and do my thing. All of it's motivated to be honest. If you don't have someone pushing you every day, the your bar drops. That's part of the reason why, in stretch lines, I like to go second, because I'm not the number one dude, I have to fight to be the number one dude. So that's why I'll always be the second person, so I'm always fighting someone.

On the receiver unit as a whole:
To be honest, I'm not going to sugarcoat it at all, I think this unit is going to do some scary things. It's going to be crazy, the weapons are just everywhere. With me and Devin, we'll be switching time and it's going to be another lightning strike. Then you have Logan Sweet, who's a walk-on who'll play and then you have Eldridge Massington. It's going to be so many different things, if I have to go down the line, Devin Fuller, Darius Bell. I'm excited, I'm definitely excited.

On the diversity of skill sets:
You have the deep threats, you have your move the chains, you have so many different weapons, it's like toys for the coaches and they play around with us all the time.

On if he could bounce between receiver spots:
Yeah, because I'm always trying to get in there, because you're going to catch like 8-10 balls a game, regardless. I know the inside real well. I remember the first practice, I went inside. It just depends. We have formations where I flip inside, so it works.

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