VIDEO: Mora on Saturday

Head coach Jim Mora talks about the feel of San Bernardino this year, discusses the overall health of the team, and recaps that one time he missed out on a great Led Zeppelin concert...

Jim Mora talks after the final practice in San Bernardino:

Opening statement:
Another good camp at San Bernardino. I though it was very productive for us and I thought we got better every day. I thought our players really accepted the challenge of what we presented them this year, especially the first two days down in San Diego, right up through today. I thought we made a lot of progress as a team, on the field and off the field. We got a lot closer, got to know each other better, bonded together in ways that are important through the season. So the plan from here is we'll go back this afternoon and we'll give them tomorrow completely off. I think they've earned it and I think they need it more importantly. We need to regroup and they need to refresh. We need to sharpen it up for Monday. I'm excited about where we are but realizing that we have a long ways to go, like I said. We're no where near where we need to be to be a team that can play with consistency. But that's what we're working towards and I like their work ethic and their attitude and the way they came together as a team, so I thought it was a camp, I thought it was a really good camp.

On what he feels good about:
I think I feel better about our starting unit. There is less uncertainty about who are starters are and what they're capable of doing. Still, the uncertainty lies in the backups and depth. I think a lot of young guys, a lot of freshman are going to figure in to our depth. I think what we saw in the last two weeks is a really good freshman class. Now we just need to get them up to speed, so if they need to play, they can play. I think camp was a little bit different for me, with respect to our starters and not hitting them as much. Not going live as much with our starters. Still pushing them and pushing them, and still demanding a lot from them, but putting our younger guys in situations where it was more live because I feel good about our starting groups. We're coming out of this camp pretty healthy, considering. Ellis is fine. He'll be back out there on Monday. Simon Goines will be out there on Monday. Eddie will be back out there on Monday. Kylie will be back out there on Monday. Someone asked about Eldridge Massington, he just has a little infection in his finger but he'll be good. Poasi will be back, Ben Wysocki will be back. Hopefully Kevin McReynolds will be back. There is a chance Alex Redmond will be back. I thought like any camp, you're going to have some guys with injuries and some guys that may miss practice, but the fact that we can go back out on the field on Monday, a little less than two weeks before the Nevada game, and be where we're going to be physically, I think is a good thing, considering especially how hard we worked out here.

On position battles:
Nothing is settled. Don't want anything settled yet. I want competition. I want guys feeling the pressure. I want everyone to feel like I they have a chance, and I want them to feel threatened. That's the thing you want right now, is to see guys compete and that's how we get better.

On getting Eric Kendricks out on Friday:
He's played a lot, so I don't know that it's a big deal. I think probably for him, it's a big deal, just emotionally and getting him in the mix and just having some bodies around him. On Monday, you'll see him do quite a bit more. We still have to monitor him for a few days. Like I've said all along, we expect him to be full speed for Nevada and it looks like that will be the case.

On Springsteen, The Who or Led Zeppellin:
I'm going to go with Led Zeppelin. You can play Zeppellin for me any day and I'll be happy as heck. I'm showing my age. I have to tell you this. When I was in high school, Led Zeppelin came to the Kingdome. I had tickets and like some Nostradamus person predicted the decibel level on Jimmy Page or on the guitar, was going to crack, so I didn't go, like an idiot. So I never got to see them. One of the regrets in my life.

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