VIDEO: Hundley on Final Practice

Brett Hundley talks about this year in San Bernardino versus last year and what his thoughts are about his own future...

Brett Hundley on San Bernardino:

On who his favorite receiver is:
You can't ask me that, man. I like them all. I think everyone has a unique trait that they bring to the table. Devin Lucien has something unique, Shaq, Jordan Payton, they all bring something special to the table. I'm going to throw to all of them.

On how he learns what they do best:
It's sort of a quarterback knowing his receivers. It's that me to you connection. They all have this special trait and I think over the season and these years, I've been working with them my whole time here and I've been able to develop a special connection with each of them and it sort of lets me understand what each can do, what their strengths and what their weaknesses are.

On camping in San Bernardino:
I can't speak for what's been in the past, and what happened last year, happened last year but this year, we're on to bigger and brighter things. I think last year was a learning year for us, but we didn't finish how we wanted to. We started 9-2 but we finished 9-5 and that's not us so we have to come back this year and make sure we finish strong and are consistent throughout the season.

On if he's given any thought to how this year could end:
No. Man, everyone is asking that question. I haven't given much thought to that right now to be honest. I know this is a general answer, but the season, we have to focus on the season, we have to take it one game at a time this year. Any distractions or external things that may get you distracted from what your main goal is. All that could go away with not having a season that we're capable of him. Right now, we can't think about that stuff and keep pushing one game at a time.

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