VIDEO: Mazzone on Millweard

Taylor Mazzone talks about T.J. Millweard's decision to transfer, what it does to the depth chart, and who is now competing for the No. 2 spot...

Taylor Mazzone on Millweard situation:

On T.J. Millweard's departure:
I think coming in to camp, I think he wanted to know if he'll have a fair shot at the backup position. He and Coach Mora had prior meetings and Coach Mazzone, we actually knew it was a situation where we were going for a backup. I think it was a situation where, being away from home, here and there, I think things came where he wanted to do something different. I think he wanted to find a different thing to do.

On what that does to their depth:
Right now, Brett's #1, number two is between Jerry and Mike Fafuel. The position is still open right now. Probably for the next week and a half, we're going to evaluate and probably by week one of the season, we'll name a backup.

On if Millweard was in the conversation for the backup job:
Every rep we counted for him to be second string quarterback.

On Asiantii Woulard:
The fundamentals from throwing a football is pretty strong. He's a pretty sharp kid. What we do in the classroom, he brings it out here. I believe the college speed, and the tempo and what Coach Mora is asking during practice, he's still a little step behind, which we thought he would be. But the future looks bright for the kid. I think with our second year in this offense, everyone has a grasp of it so we can go quicker. Whereas last year, we went really slow. This year, we threw the whole playbook at the quarterbacks and Asiantii, he did a great job learning everything, but the hand signals and the communication slowed him down just a little bit. First year of the offense, we could slowly bring it in, this year we're rocking and rolling.

On if Neuheisel and Fafaual are separating from each other:
They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Jerry is very creative, he's smart and knows what's going on out there. Fafaual just has a great strong arm. And he knows where to put the ball and he's very active. Right now, those guys are battling for the position.

On Neuheisel being a coach's kid:
We are kind of from the same kind of background of life. Both him and Fafaual are great kids and understand what we're trying to get done for the second string quarterback.

On the future depth chart:
I think there is one less guy in the quarterback room. We're going to try figure out later on this week what we're going to try to do for 2014 quarterback recruiting.

On Hundley's maturation.
He's definitely become more of a leader. He definitely gets into those guys with communication and the tempo. Knowing what down and distance it is. I know last year he sort of struggled with that. But I think now, from sideline to sideline, he has a great understanding.

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