VIDEO: Neuheisel on Competition

Jerry Neuheisel talks about his mindset now that T.J. Millweard has left the program and discusses what he needs to work on going forward...

Jerry Neuheisel on quarterback competition:

On the transfer of T.J. Millweard:
It hurts. It hurts. We've become really good friends. And as much as everyone thinks we don't like each other in the quarterback room, and we're all trying to take each other's job, we're all friends. We all do want the job, but we all want each other to play well, and we all want each other to earn it. We're still out here battling for the No. 2 job, but we're going to miss T.J. and we wish him the best in the future.

On the competition for the No. 2 job:
Really, my thoughts are just with T.J. We wish he was still here with us and we wish him the best in the future. The competition was always a competition between me, Mike, Asiantii and T.J. All of us don't want to be the backup, we all want the starting job. Our job is to push Brett and it's the whole room's job to make him still earn that job. As much as I want a backup spot, I want a starting spot even more. Mike wants a starting spot, Asiantii wants a starting spot. It's up to our whole room to make sure we're all pushing Brett.

On if he feels they've pushed Hundley well:
I would say not well enough. He's definitely outshining us right now, but I would say we all have the talent to push him. Its hard when you don't get as many reps as he does. But he makes the most of his and we have to make the most of ours. And we're going to keep getting better and make him keep getting better.

On earning the No. 2 spot:
The mentality is that you're the starter still. If he goes down, it's not like the game plan changes at all. You have to be ready to run the exact same plays he was running. The job is never to give it back. Tom Brady went in and now he's talked about as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. If the starting quarterback doesn't go down, we don't know if Tom Brady ever becomes Tom Brady. The backup quarterback's job is that if he ever goes in, he never gives it back.

On if he feels he would be ready:
Right now I think I'm ready. I'm still making a few mental errors here and there and I have to go back to the tape and watch it, but I think I'm pushing a little bit. I think all of us are pushing a little extra to make that extra play and get more reps. Its up to us to be more consistent and protect the football and help our team score.

On if he feels the mental side is where he needs to work:
Mentally I feel like I'm there, but I think I push it too much. And I think all of us push it to much and all of a sudden we push the tempo too much and then we lose control. We've still got a little bit of time until the season starts and a little bit of time before Nevada comes, but I'm sure we'll be ready. Whoever is playing quarterback, whether it's Brett to start off with or whoever, everybody will be ready to play that job.

On if he would ever consider leaving for an opportunity to play:
I think I've been through worse, with my dad getting fired. But everyone has a personal decision to make. I love being a Bruin, I love playing in the Rose Bowl, I don't think it would ever cross my mind to leave and I want to be a Bruin forever. Even if he gets the backup job, and something else happens, I mean, Maryland had a linebacker playing quarterback last year, so it's my job, as soon as I get in the game, I'll never give it back. Being the son of a backup quarterback, it's been ingrained in me forever. Its a little bit difficult to sit back there and not take reps. As a quarterback, you're always competitive. Only one guy gets the job and it's hard for you to sit back and be like 'I could do that better." And then you go in, and it's not as easy and you start pushing a little bit, trying to make bigger plays. Everyone has to play within themselves.

On feedback from the Mazzone's:
Just be more consistent. I consistently make about one mental error per practice, and that's just not acceptable for the quarterback position. I'm working to eradicate that and get that taken care of before we play Nevada.

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