VIDEO: Hollins on Playing this Year

Deon Hollins talks about his role on the team so far in camp, where he feels he needs to improve, and how the transition from Texas is going...

Deon Hollins talks about his role on the team:

On how he's performed so far:
I think I did pretty well. Just working hard. Learning the playbook and things like that. I think I've done pretty well.

On his comfort with his role:
I'm doing what I do best. Coaches carved out the role for me so I'm just going to embrace it.

On building versatility:
I actually can do it (drop into coverage), I'm better at this time, maybe because I'm a freshman they're slowly moving me a long. But I'm just going to get better and going to work on it a ton.

On if that's what he needs to improve on:
Without a doubt. Being more comfortable out there and just moving around. Things like that.

On if they expect him to play this year:
Pretty much. A lot of special teams and nickel and pass-rush downs.

On playing with his hand down:
Coach Ulbrich is a really flexible coach. He pretty much whatever we're comfortable with, whatever we can make plays, he pretty much lets us do it.

On his size:
I'm 6-1, 225. Pretty much gaining weight. I want to be around 235-ish. I want to add 10 more pounds and just maintain it and maintain my speed. Since high school, I've gained seven pounds and I still carry it well.

On if that will help him against offensive linemen:
Without a doubt. Getting in the weight room, getting stronger. Just getting into the weight program. That will be real important.

On the transition from Texas to Los Angeles:
It's real different. But I think I've adjusted pretty well. Really, just everyone, doesn't matter what state they're from, we're all chilling, we're all hanging together. Just making the transition simple and I feel like I'm in a real family.

On the freshman class as a whole:
A lot of people. I surf the internet. A lot of people talk about it. Just the older guys are helping us out.

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