VIDEO: Mora Tuesday Morning

Jim Mora talks about the short morning practice, the plans for this evening, and getting Eric Kendricks back in team drills...

Jim Mora Tuesday morning:

Opening Statement:
It was a good work day. We'll have another one this afternoon in full gear. We did some situational stuff. Two minute. Real good learning. This was a really good practice. I know I sound like a broken record, but they were sharp today. We didn't have mental errors. We didn't have penalties. We didn't have drops. They were locked in today and I like seeing that. We've got to come out tonight and have another really good one. It will be the last one open to the public and under the lights. We'll have some pretty good contact stuff. I was glad to see Eddie get through this one well. Simon still not out here, but hopefully he's back out here tonight. Christian Morris had an asthma attack, which is what that was. We kept him out this morning, but he should be back out this evening. Caleb, you saw him back out here. I think we're in good shape that way. It's a fine line you walk between getting the physical contact work that you need and trying to keep guys healthy. And I think with our lack of experienced depth, it makes it more difficult and a challenge and we're just trying to find that right balance between getting hard contact what they need and getting the tackling and the hardening of their bodies and trying to stay healthy. I think we're doing ok with that right now, but I guess we'll find out on the 31st.

On getting Eric Kendricks back:
He did good. This is the most he's done. He did team work today. You guys saw him. I don't think he'd done any of that. You guys saw him. He made a couple plays and I think that gives our team a lift. He's a heck of a football player and a leader on this team and just having him out there in the huddle directing things and then looking like he did, is a great thing for us. It feels real good.

On if Priest Willis missing the summer has slowed him down:
I haven't noticed it. He's doing well. We don't work with them during the summer anyway. The coaches aren't able to be around them. All he would have been doing is strength and conditioning stuff with Coach Alosi. But Priest spent some time this summer with some NFL guys, some guys from the Cardinals. Working on his skill sets, I haven't noticed that at all. I'm impressed with Priest, I think that guy is going to be a heck of a football player. He's young and he's developed.

On T.J. Millweard:
He's gone and he's in Texas already. Jake Hall (is wearing #14). Jake was wearing #29 and we felt it was only right to give him a quarterback number. You thought that was T.J. Sorry about that, it was Jake.

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