VIDEO: Kendricks on Return

Eric Kendricks talks about his ankle injury, when he had surgery to repair the injury, and how it feels to be back on the practice field...

Eric Kendricks talks about his ankle:

On being back at practice:
It feels great to be out with my team. I've been working hard to get back. It feels great to be back.

On how much better ankle felt when they left San Bernardino:
To be honest, I've been taking it easy. I've been in the training room and I got a lot of treatment in San Bernardino. That's why I traveled with the team. I've been just working, getting better, lifting weights and I'm just happy to be back.

On if it's fully healthy:
I'm still trying to recover a little more, day by day. It's feeling great. It's just soreness. A little bit of soreness. It will work out. It's been working out ever since I got back. It's on the road to recovery.

On the procedure:
I wanted to be able to play this season without any interference. I wanted to be there for my teammates so I had the surgery.

On the injury timeline:
I injured it in the spring. It was always optional. I decided to get it. Now I feel great, so I can't complain. I had (the surgery) about four weeks ago. It didn't feel worse, it just was a little bit nagging and a little annoying. It just wasn't normal. I know how my body feels when it's normal and it was a little off.

On if it's limited him:
None of that, you can watch the film.

On what he needs to do to improve this season:
I'm going to focus on knowing my plays, getting the young guys involved. Talking to the young guys, just doing what I can to help the team, and get everyone on board.

On the young guys on defense:
They're all playing really well. They didn't miss a single step when I was gone, and they're working their butts off like I am.

On if he needs more practice time for Nevada:
Absolutely, I feel like I need to catch up. But I'll be fine and I'll make sure I'll be right. I'm just taking my time and working and recovering day by day.

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