VIDEO: Lucien on Fall Camp

Devin Lucien talks about his change in attitude from spring to fall, where he wants to improve as a receiver, and whether he's still gunning for Jordan Payton's spot...

Devin Lucien talks about his fall camp:

On how he feels camp has gone so far:
I think I've had a great camp. And I think it comes with not caring too much with where I am on the field and just focusing on myself, focusing on what it is I need to do for my team and playing my heart out every day.

On toning it down a bit:
I've made that kind of a priority. I think making that too much of a focus got me out of my comfort zone. I was trying to always impress the coaches, impress Coach Mora, impress you guys. When you're trying to impress people, you kind of forget about the overall scheme of what you're trying to do on the field. So I came to wraps with that myself. And probably will play better and get what it is I want, while I'm still helping the team, if I just stayed in myself, stayed with what I know and just played my game.

On feedback from the coaches:
Coach Yarber told me I've been having a great camp and that's he's very proud of me and that he wants me to keep stacking the days. And don't worry about where it is I am. Where I am going to be is going to be a byproduct of this fall. Those are very positive words coming from a great coach like him. Coach Mazzone, while we were in the first few days of camp, pulled me aside and said I had a good day, and can I make it two. I think just consistency, and focusing on starting during the spring, kind of made me inconsistent because all I really cared about was getting the ball in my hands and getting attention. Just taking it one day, one play at a time. Not worrying about what everyone else is doing. Just worrying about myself.

On the importance of starting:
It's funny because I talk to Coach Mora about it. Starting is more of a pride thing. Especially in our offense. If it was a pro-style offense, it's totally different. In our offense, I could be deemed a starter because I know I'm going to get as many reps as Jordan. Probably not as many as Shaq, but probably as many as Jordan. We rotate with the 1s all the time. Last year I didn't start and I was the leading receiver I think around the third game, when I got hurt. That shows significance in how much everyone plays. Like I said, I don't want to say I was being dumb, or what I said was out of sight, because I think I was just motivated because it was my first time, but I think I went over the top a little with what happened in spring. It's different now.

On the areas he needs to improve:
I think I've gotten really good at blocking. That's one thing I focused on going into fall. And I'll continue and keep working on. Shaq has been working with me a lot. He's been my roommate forever and he's a great blocker as everyone knows. He kind of really got in my head that blocking is really key to what it is we need to do here and I've gotten really good at blocking. Another thing I want to work on is making those catches all the time. Literally all the time. Never drop it. I feel like, since I've done it, everyone expects it. So when I don't do it, I get really pissed off with myself and I'm like 'damn, that happened.' I think it became so common when I do it, that when I don't do it, people are like 'what the hell is he doing.' And then they get mad at me. So that's one thing I really want to work on. Making every single catch out here.

On his shoulder:
I don't feel it while I'm playing. When I'm done playing, if it's cold out, I'll feel kind of stiff. Other than that I never really feel it. I have a 6-8 inch rod with 8 pins going down my shoulder to keep it in place. It sucks but I don't really feel it, it's weird. I do set off some (metal detectors). If it's a cheap one, I'll set it off, but if it's one of those high-tech airport ones, I doubt I'll set it off. We'll see this season.

On the receiver corps:
Man, the sky is the limit, I mean, literally for us. I think we could all have over 1,000 yards if we didn't run the ball ever. We have to catch everything. We have a great receivers corp. We have Shaq Evans, who's a Biletnikoff nominee. That just speaks for itself. We have Jordan Payton, who catches everything. Every snag route, you know he's going to catch it. Every slant route, you know he's going to catch it. You have myself, I'm going to jump over anyone out here and I'm going to run down the field. Everyone is capable of what everyone else's strength's are. We call ourselves the 'Cheat Codes.' I'm excited for the season. Our receivers corps is really good. We're a good receiving corps. I love my guys and I'm just excited to play for them.

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