VIDEO: Sermons on Resurgence

The senior defensive back Brandon Sermons talks about making an impact on this year's team after some doubt whether he'd ever return from a serious injury...

Brandon Sermons talked to us after practice.

On finally emerging:
It definitely feels amazing. I kept pushing and doing what I could control. I came out here every day and was getting better. And eventually it started to pay off and the coaches were seeing it and now I'm able to get out here on the field. So it's all looking good right now.

On the low points of his career:
My main injury is I broke my femur my sophomore year, April of my sophomore year and after that it all went downhill. I had to gain my confidence back, my speed. Everything. We were always switching coaches so I always had to build up a new reputation to each coach. And finally I'm under the same coaching staff for the second year in a row. I've got all the plays, all my confidence back. And everything is just going in the right direction. Positive energy and positive energy pays off.

On lingering issues with the femur:
It's just really mental. You have to get over the fact that it was broken. You have to push through it and learn that, that happened and it's in the past, and your body rebuilds itself. The more you just keep working. Muscle memory, you just keep working. Keep working at it, you'll be able to break again, you'll be able to run again, speed, hips. But if you just sit back and say 'I'm done, I don't have it,' that's where you're going to be at. You'll be stuck with 'I don't have it' and you can't say you can't.

On when he mentally recovered:
It took me a while. I would say that I finally got my complete confidence back after we ran these 40s, that we ran with Coach Alosi, in the winter. That's when I was like, ok, I got my speed back, I've just got to learn and just got to use it now and apply it to the field. So that's when I started doing it and coaches started seeing it and my work ethic, you see I was really hungry for it. And they'll give me a shot. It took me two years. Especially coming from people saying, 'yeah, you're pretty much done.' And you can see that, you can listen to that stuff, and be like 'yeah, I am done,' but you can also block that stuff out and be like 'no, I'm not done, I'm going to prove everybody wrong.' And my goal is to prove everybody wrong and keep striving what God has for me, which is more than me being stuck, breaking my leg.

On his forty:
I ran a 4.33. On this (Spaulding) field. I was like 'I got it, I got it.' I'm trying to run something faster than that now. The sky is the limit, you just have to keep working.

On his current size:
Right now, I'm 6-0, 195-pounds. Feeling solid, feeling fast. Everything is going well right now.

On moving positions:
I'm came in here as a corner, moved to safety, now I'm back at corner. It's crazy, but the more I can do for the team, I'm down for it. You can run me out there at corner, on the island, because I'm a physical person. I can get my hands on people and shut down that side of the field. That's what's going on now, and I'm working out.

On surging in camp:
I feel that, but I feel like I can do so much more. The things I'm doing right now, lately, it's just the scratching forme. There is still so much more for people to see. It's just coming out here, and staying confident in what I'm doing. And that's all still continuing to do what I'm doing.

On Demetrice Martin:
He's been a great coach. He actually recruited me when I was coming out of high school, and now I've got him here, but he actually knows what I was capable of and what I still am capable of, and that helps me out. Because I'm like 'he's got confidence in me, and knows I can play football.' And that just adds to my confidence. Just got to keep rolling and i have to stay on track so I'm not proving him wrong.

On bonding with Anthony Jefferson with both battling injuries:
He's actually my roommate. Both of us together, we're always try to get each other positive energy and feed off each other and we'll just come out here together, just me and him and work out. And we'll just talk about how we've just got keep going and not let anyone tell you we can't do it. We've definitely bonded. He's my brother out here.

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