VIDEO: Mora on Wednesday

Jim Mora updates the status of a couple of players, including Anthony Barr, and discusses the increase in talent on the scout team this year...

Jim Mora after Wednesday:

Opening statement:
Got started on Nevada today, for the first time, some introductory stuff. And our plan is to do a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow and a little on Friday. Not too much, we've kind of found that if we do too much, we tend to get a little bit stale. But we want to introduce it to them. Defensively, for us, what they do on offense is a little bit different than what we see. They run a four-man front, defensively for them, which is a little bit different than what our offense sees. Just being able to introduce some of those things to our players, we thought that was the right way to go. The first day with the scout team, it slows down practice just a little bit. You're working off cards for the first time. You have guys who have always been the stars of their teams in high school, so that is a little bit foreign to them. But I thought they moved through it pretty well. Tomorrow will be better and Friday will be better and that's what we want. Because we want to be able on Monday to really jump in and go at a good tempo for Nevada so it was a good day for us.

On what Nevada's offense is like:
They're doing some pistol, they're doing some spread stuff. It's really hard for us to get a bead on exactly what they're going to be because they've had some change and they have some varied backgrounds. They've got a coordinator that ran the pistol last year but has the Texas A&M influence. So we have to be prepared for the pistol. We have to be prepared for some spread stuff. Potentially some run and shoot concepts, which are a little bit different. I think what's important when you play that first game is that you anticipate that there are going to be some unscouted looks that you just simply can't prepare for. And that's ok because I think it really just boils down to fundamentals and technique and effort and doing your job. And if you've got a good defense structurally and you've got a sound offense structurally, then your rules should be able to carry you through things that you haven't seen before. It doesn't mean there's not an adjustment period, you may have to move around some, but that's ok.

On Anthony Barr:
He's fine. He's doing great.

On if he suffered a concussion:
He's doing great.

On other outside linebackers who've impressed him:
Aaron Wallace, Kenny Orjioke, Deon Hollins, Myles Jack. I feel good about all of those guys. I think they're all going to be really good players for us. I wish I knew exactly what they were going to do. I think that talking about our guys, Deon Hollins has rare get-off. Rare ability to get off of the snap. He's something special to watch, so in passing situations, a guy like that is going to be really valuable. And he's able to play the run well too because he's stout. Myles Jack, he can do it all. He's not quite the pass-rusher that Deon is, but he's got a lot of versatility. Aaron Wallace, probably his experience would be a real big plus for us at this point. And Kenny Orjioke, he flashes but shows some inconsistency. He's still really young. Kenny only turned 18. He's still just a kid. He was like Tyler Foreman, who's still just 17. I like them all and I think they all have something to add. What you'll see, regardless of who's healthy and who's not, you're going to see those guys playing. The nature of offenses with 90 plays, and the heat they're playing through at the Rose Bowl, we'll try to keep guys rotating in and keep them fresh.

On the scout team being more talented:
I think so. I think what we'll have to decide and we're still working through it is, which freshman of those are we going to get involved in the game plan. Because there are some that are certainly willing and definitely capable. I'm sure if I got into some names, I'd forget somebody, but you guys know who the guys that have been impressive out here through the first 2.5 weeks of practice. I think our attitude has to that if a kid can help us win a football game, then we're going to try to get him on the field. Obviously, if you're not going to utilize a guy a number of snaps, you don't want to burn his redshirt. That's not our priority, worrying about the redshirt, and that's not really the player's priority. They want to play now. So we've got to just find the best players and the guys who're going to give us the best chance to win now.

On naming captains:
The players voted on captains, and we're going to go with six captains this year. Every week, we'll have a special teams captain so we went three on offense and three on defense. The captains on offense are Xavier Su'a-Filo, who was a captain last year, Brett Hundley and Jake Brendel. I thought there were others that were certainly great leaders but those are great choices. And then on defense, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks and Ryan Hofmeister. So I think that is six guys that are certainly real representative of what we're looking for, as players and people.

On replacing Franklin/Fauria in the red zone:
I think the guy that is really tough to replace is Joe, just because you could huck it up there so high and he'd be able to jump over every body to get it and I don't think we have that body right now. I think that Brett is a big key to our success in the red zone, especially in the passing game, pulling the trigger in those tight windows and having the confidence to throw it in there and making guys make plays. In the run game, I think it's a big unknown. Which one of those guys can find the end zone, like Jet, find his way in there. We're still trying to find who that guy is, so we're seeing some concerns.

On if he'll have to deal with freshman and anxiousness:
I think so, absolutely. So what we're going to do to combat that with them, and really with everybody, is Saturday night, we're going to go out to the Rose Bowl and it will be a completely closed practice, and we're going to have a mock game. We're going to go out to the Langham, we're going to have a pregame meal there, and we're going to take the busses to where we normally walk for Bruin Walk and we're going to walk into the locker room. The timeline is going to be exactly how it would be for a game and then we're going to have a mock game. What you find that first time you walk into the Rose Bowl is your adrenaline just takes over. You saw it at the spring game, and you get tired and you get lazy so we're going to try to combat that on Saturday night, so when we come out against Nevada, we're just a tad more relaxed and used to the environment. There will still be a heightened sense of anxiety though, certainly.

On Simon Goines:
He's great, he's doing really good. That's my standard answer. You can keep asking, that's what I'm going to say. He's fine. He's fine.

On being coy about injuries:
Just to declare, it's nothing personal. I know you have a job to do as much as you can. My job is to protect against our opponents getting information that can help them win. You guys know I will do whatever I can to help you whenever I can, but when it comes to who's playing where, and what strategic things we're doing or who's injured, it's better if I play it close to the vest. So he's fine. So whatever you want to ask, put 'he's fine.'

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