VIDEO: Spanos on Defense

Lou Spanos talk about the growth of the defense, how the talented freshmen have slotted in, and what he thinks of the future of the secondary...

Lou Spanos on the defense:

On fall camp so far:
It's going good. The guys are doing a great job, adjusting to the defense. They understand it and our same concepts. And communicating well.

On noticing a difference in year two:
We had a really good spring. And then when the young guys came in, and learned how guys were playing and practicing, and how we're studying in the classroom, all of them are meshing in well.

On seeing a noticeable effect in the freshman seeing experienced:
The incoming class is doing a great job. A great job of studying and executing assignments. Sometimes, they bust an assignment but you see the effort, but they're going after the ball. And being playmakers. That's exciting and obviously we have to coach and get them squared away.

On seeing the talent in the freshman:
It's actually exciting to see all the talent. From the incoming freshman all the way to the fifth-year seniors. All of them getting better and we're getting excited.

On if he can add more complexity in the second year:
We always say something in our defensive room- the defense is always evolving. And per each week, depending on what the offense is doing, we add or adjust and then just ever evolving and keep on building and making sure all 11 play as one.

On Myles Jack:
Myles is a really good athlete. Really good football player and really good sense. His IQ is really good. And he's working hard every day.

On Isaac Savaiinaea:
Isaac is so focused and so mature for his age and he knows being a Mike backer, he has to know everyone's job and he's doing a remarkable job. He's got a long way to go obviously, but for an incoming, he's doing a remarkable job executing assignments.

On the young secondary:
The young guys in the back are doing a great job also. They're working hard. We have a couple corners and a couple safeties and it's great to see them grow each day. It's a whole new game for them, it's a faster game, but they're adjusting well and we'll keep on working.

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