One on One With Chase Jeter

One of the top power forwards in the class of 2015 has earned interest for several high majors early, and he talks about what he's looking for in a school and program...

How'd you get your basketball start?

Chase Jeter: I'd say I probably got the interest from my dad when I was a young man, then I got more serious about it when I was 9 years old when I first started playing AAU basketball.

Was your dad the main person in your development, or has it been different people along the way?

My dad helped me out a lot with training and stuff, then I worked out with a lot of guys. I have a couple of trainers including Ron Holmes when I was younger and my AAU coach was always helping me too.

How far back does your relationship go with Ron Holmes?

He was the JV assistant coach at Gorman my freshman year, so I always just worked out with him then and he helped me get better.

Is he involved at all in helping you through the recruiting process?

Oh no, we just work on my game together, a lot of my footwork, skill work, that's all we really do. I talked to Shabazz when we went to high school together, I started working out with Ron my freshman year, I talked with Shabazz a lot more when we went to high school together than we do now.

Did you take anything away from his recruitment that's helping you go through yours?

I just had a path for myself, I'm going to see which programs that I'm going to be able to fit in the best, the best coaches, where I'll be wanted and I'm just creating my own path for my recruitment and not letting anybody else dictate it.

From a good fit perspective, what does that mean to you with the programs you are evaluating?

At this point I haven't found my niche and my preference because I can run the floor as a big man, if a team likes to get out and run on the break in transition, then I can do that. But if they like to slow it down and run a set offense, that's also good too. I guess I've been used to transition for most of my life and career playing basketball, but I can also play in a slower down set that gets the ball to the big man, swing the ball through the offense, stuff like that.

Do you think your game/playing style compares to anybody in college or the pros right now?

I'd probably say, skill set, I like Lamarcus Aldridge, his game, I feel like I'm skilled like him, especially with my footwork, he's got really good footwork too. A lot of people say Tim Duncan to me, which I like. He's got really great footwork as well, which is a part of my game, that's one of my main focal points when I play.

What got you interested in improving your footwork so much?

Probably I had already been a post guy and all my coaches would stress how important footwork is for a big man. I would travel a lot on the court when I was younger, so I designated my workouts to the skill of the game in the post and the mid post and stepping out to the 3 point line. I'd work on how to get to the basket from different spots and to carry myself with my footwork. I guess it's just my main focal point is to use my footwork to get to the basket and score.

How much are you looking at how colleges utilize their 4s as you evaluate your potential fit at different programs?

Yeah I definitely do look at that, because a lot of programs it depends on how if they are a role based team, I think I'm one of those guys who can score if they need me to. Depending on whether it's a guard oriented team or a big oriented team, I do look at it a lot whether they run the ball through the big men a lot.

What's a better fit for your game—a program that enters the ball through their bigs in the post or a program who runs the ball through their bigs at a variety of positions around the court?

Well probably the post but also including at the top of the key, in the post, mid post, low post, I think that's the best fit for me.

Based on the evaluation you've done so far, which schools do you feel do a good job with guys at your position?

I like the way Kansas uses their 4s and 5s, they also have really good player development in their program. That's probably one program that stands out to me right now, but I'll be doing a lot more research this year during the college season to other schools.

What other schools will you be making an effort to watch this year?

The schools I like so far are Michigan, Indiana, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Ohio State, Texas, UCLA, USC, Arizona, UNLV, Florida, Georgetown, schools like that. I'd say that's a pretty good set to take a closer look at.

When you talk about schools you like, is it for different reasons or is it the same factors?

Well most of them have good academic programs and they are all pretty good basketball schools, they all have Final 4 appearances and NCAA appearances, academics are important too especially. Schools like Michigan and Duke and UCLA, academics and player programs are important to me.

Is there a certain degree program that interests you for college?

I tend to like to study political science most likely. My goal is to make it to the NBA, and once I got my degree in political science, I want to go onto law school and become a sports lawyer, I think that'll be a good route for me to go professionally.

How did you get interested in becoming a sports lawyer?

I was thinking about all the professions I could be to just stay around the game and to be able to help people that could actually impact lives and careers, that would be one of the best fields I could operate in, especially since I've got a great desire to work with people, I like doing that. Plus, even if the sports lawyer path doesn't work out, you still have a law degree, you could do almost anything, business and other areas-related.

Are there any schools recruiting you that you feel have a good political science program from your research already?

I haven't looked too far into it yet, but I have heard that UCLA has a good law school, the main thing is I'm going to make the best decision for me both academically and basketball wise.

What's the percentage importance for you in your decision with academics, is it 50/50, is it more academics, more basketball, what's your thoughts?

I'd say about 50/50, like I said my goal is the NBA, but I still want to get my degree and keep up my grade point average. Academics are really important to me, I'd say it's even 60/40 academics/basketball for me in my decision.

How much do you look at classroom size, size of the campus, do you have a preference on that?

Big or small school doesn't matter to me because it comes down to how hard you work in the classroom. Size doesn't really matter when it comes to the classroom or campus settings. It doesn't matter to me.

Another thing to notice with your favorite school list is all those programs are big name, big reputation college basketball programs. Is that your aspiration Chase with your decision, to play for a big time program?

Yeah, that's one of my goals to play with one of the top programs in the country. I've always wanted to make that path for myself into one of the top basketball powerhouses. It's important for me to go to a great basketball school as well.

Are you going with the expectation of being a four year player and graduating with your degree before going pro?

I was looking to go the one and done route or maybe after the first 2 years depending on how the first year goes. I know it's a lot of kids dreams, but I try to be as realistic as possible with that. I think that would be a good route for me to go potentially, but I'll finish my degree for sure. I'll probably take a lot of summer school classes because school takes up a lot of time. If the NBA is my career, I'll have to go back for summer classes if I'm pursuing a degree while playing in the pros.

What's going to separate a school from the other schools recruiting you since you have a variety of big name schools recruiting you like you expressed you wanted earlier?

That's a good question, I'd say probably good coaching, a good staff surrounding you. A lot of people can sell their school when you take a visit for the biggest game of their year , but I'm the type wants to take a visit when a school might not be playing their toughest game, but just against a regular opponent, just to see what it's like.

Are there schools in your mind that you to visit this fall without a doubt?

Yeah, there's a few that I'm kinda looking at. Nothing is set in stone yet, we don't know for sure yet. The schools that are standing out to me for visits out of the schools I mentioned earlier are I'd like to take a look at Duke, Kansas, I got a chance to look at UCLA earlier in the summer, another good one is I'd like to look at North Carolina on an unofficial.

Would you try and visit Duke and North Carolina at the same time if you line up visits to both?

I don't know if they'd like me to visit both at the same time, but from a convenience perspective, yeah, I'd like to visit both together since they are so close.

What's the interest level like in you so far from Duke and North Carolina?

They actually just kinda started getting on board. They were at a lot of my games during the summer towards the end of the July period, Coach Williams was at one of my games, and Coach Steve Wojciechowski was at a lot of my games this summer, so they kinda just jumped on board with recruiting. I talked yesterday with Coach Wojciechowski and Coach McGrath, they are pretty new with me.

What has been your initial reaction to the early contact and calls?

I felt good, they are both great guys from great programs. They gave me a lot of thoughts and some things I can research them on and see how I could fit in. I'm looking forward to building a relationship with them. I don't have a favorite with either.

Do you think there's any programs that do a really good job with power forwards?

I think Indiana does, obviously with their player development with a guy like Cody Zeller going so high in the draft, he's more a 5, but when I get to college I'll probably play the 4 but if I need to play the 5 I can. I think ultimately my position is going to be the 4. I think Indiana is a good school with that. Kansas as well, they did a good job with guys like Thomas Robinson, Jeff Withey, they do a good job with player development as well.

With your dad having played at UNLV before, how much does that influence your college decision?

I'm just really trying to blaze my own path in my recruitment, there's a chance I could go to UNLV, but I think it's better if I set a path for myself, my parents are going to support me wherever I decide to go.

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