VIDEO: McClure on D-Line

Angus McClure talks about the versatility of Kenny Clark, the surplus of nose tackles he currently possesses, and how Eddie Vanderdoes is looking over the last week...

Angus McClure on the defensive line:

On where he feels the defensive line is at this point:
The young guys are picking up the system very well. We're moving some guys around to see where they fit, to see what they can do, find out their strengths and challenges. And it's looking really good right now.

On the nose tackle position:
Right now, Seali'i is with the 1s, and Ellis and Kenny Clark are rotating their also. Each of the young men have gotten reps with the 1s and the 2s, so they're all still getting an opportunity.

On if Kenny Clark will be used this year:
I'm getting him ready, I'm getting all of the guys ready right now. We'll make decisions as we need to. Right now, Kenny is playing nose and he's been playing on the right side, at defensive end. We've been using him in the jumbo packages and also on our score team, which is our field goal unit. He's picked it up (at defensive end) very fast. When you start off a young man at nose, he's used to double teams all day long, so you move him out on the edge, he gets more single blocks, which we'll certainly enjoy. And then a lot more room in pass rush. So he's enjoying it, he likes both.

On Keenan Graham:
Keenan has really improved his footwork, and it's been really dramatic. I've seen him progress and getting better every day. We've spent a lot of time doing footwork. His hand placement has been excellent also. He finds his target every time. He's squeezing, he's crushing, he's doing all the things we need him to do. He's certainly a good hand fighter in pass rush. Keenan has gotten better every day.

On the ideal size of his DE's in the 3-4:
It depends on what offense we see. We have guys, Cassius and Keenan, who can hold up against any offense that we see. But it's nice to have some guys with some girth. Some of our freshman are bigger guys. Against a run heavier team, we can mix up our personnel. Also with our different packages, we could move some guys in and out. I feel really good right now about the defensive line.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:
Eddie, the last three days, has really improved. I think a lot of it has to do with his back. I think it's calmed down and Coach Alosi and Anthony Venute did an excellent job of getting him back and getting him ready. Backs can be difficult. They got everything to calm down. He's done the every day drills we do as defensive lineman. And he's done more and more reps every day. If you saw practice today, he got 50% of the reps.

On Vanderdoes adjusting to playing defensive end:
Yeah, it's different. He's on an offensive tackle 50% of the time and on a guard the other 50% of the time. He's picked it up well and he's a good athlete. He bends really well, adjusts well and is extremely physical which is going to give offenses difficulties.

On where Vanderdoes is at for a freshman:
I think he's the same as our other freshman. I think they picked up the system really fast, and adjusted well. The biggest thing for them is adjusting to different schematic things we see weekly. We see dramatic changes at times throughout the year. They're going to have to be better students of the game, more film study, more evaluation of their opponent and that will make them better players.

On who he sees his starting group being:
We're not ready to announce that quite yet, but we're getting close.

On how many guys he wants in the rotation.
Eight. I love eight. And right now, we're at eight.

On Eli Ankou:
He's played the majority at defensive end. I've gotten him in there at nose. He's got incredible strength. He's one of the strongest guys on the team as a second year freshman. As a nose guard, he's done really well. He banged up his hand and his knee, so today, he didn't get as many reps. But he's a guy that came in as raw, talent wise, and his technique is starting to come. He's thinking too much right now, but I think that will come with repetition. I think Eli is going to be a good player down the road.

On the nose position:
Nose guards are hard to find so anytime I see a guy out recruiting that can be a nose guard or can be a defensive end, his stock starts to go up, because the more you can do, the more you can do for the team and it's going to be better for everyone. I had Brandon Willis in at nose guard and he's never played nose guard because you never know when you'll need them. So right now, we have five guys that could be a nose guard. Certainly, we'll never use that many in a game. We can go like a seven dime defense.

On Kylie Fitts:
I tell you what, for Kylie to come in early from high school was a huge advantage for him. And the advantage for him was he understood the tempo of practice. When you go from high school to college, it's a big jump. When you go from high school to UCLA its even a bigger jump, because of our tempo of practice and the things we ask our players to do. So at times, he struggled in the spring and he learned from his experience this summer, did a lot more running and conditioning and he's had a great fall camp. He had a setback with a little illness he had there, but the last two days he's done real well.

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