VIDEO: Evans on Senior Year

Shaquelle Evans has some pretty hefty goals for his senior season, and he broke them down with us after practice this week...

Shaquelle Evans talks about his goals for the year:

On heading into his senior year:
I definitely feel stronger. The last two off-season's before this one, I had shoulder problems, so I couldn't work out during the offseason. So this year, I've been able to work out and I feel stronger and faster than ever.

On the advantage of being healthy during the offseason:
I see the advantages of it immediately. I'm stronger like I said, I'm faster, I catch the ball better, I run better routes because I'm more explosive. I jump higher, everything. I noticed a bunch of big differences.

On showing better jumping ability:
I've always had it, I just didn't have the strength in my legs and the strength in my upper body to do it as well and as consistent as now, because of the shoulder problem. I feel like I'm going to have a big year doing it.

On personal goals for the season:
I've said it a few times, since spring, I want to break the school record for catches and yards in a season, which is 82 by J.J. Stokes and 1,495 by Freddie Mitchell, so I want to break both of those records. I want to break it. Since basically the season ended last year, that's been my goal.

On if those are reasonable goals:
It feels very reasonable. I had 60 last year, and I didn't feel like I had that many last year, so I feel like I could get 20-24 more with the way the offense is now and we're going to be leaning on the receivers more this year. And I'm a leader on this team with the receivers and I think it's a reasonable number. I feel like I can get 80 in there. I'm not expecting 100 or anything. I mean, I'd love to get 100, but I feel like 83 is in the reasonable range, but we have a lot of playmakers and we're going to spread the ball around. That's going to benefit our team a lot and we're going to get a lot of wins because of it.

On how good the receivers corps can be:
I feel like we can be the best in the nation. We have the best receivers coach in the nation in Coach Yarbs, hands down. Working with him every day in the past two years, this receivers corps has taken a tremendous step and its the best receivers corps that we've had since I've been here.

On the departure of Joe Fauria:
It's a group effort, but I expect it to come to me more. I understand that Joe was the target last year, I mean 6-7, 6-8, of course you're going to throw it to him. As a leader of this team, I expect more opportunities in the red zone. It's going to be an opportunity for someone else too because some times they're going to double me, and leave Devin Fuller, Devin Lucien, Jordan Payton, 1on1, so they can make those plays so we're all going to get the ball in the red zone.

On the inexperience of the UCLA secondary that they practice against:
In the last few weeks, they've gotten tremendously better. Just going against us every day, and the amazing receivers corps that they have, they've gotten better every day. I'm just trying to work on my half, regardless of who I'm going against. Like our coach says, 'you kill a gnat with a sledgehammer.' So whoever lines up against me, I'm going to work on my craft, and go hard every time just to prepare myself for when I do go against somebody who has more experience.

On his battles with Ishmael Adams:
Everybody looks at me like the best receiver on the team, and everybody looks at him like the best corner on the team. So we want to match up against each other every play. We have our little jawing matchup's and fights every now and then, but that's all love and that's all competition, and we're still teammates at the end of the day and we're just trying to make each other better every day.

On the jawing between the receivers and defensive backs:
It's all competition and it's all love. As soon as we get off the field, we're friends again. We hang out all the time. I mean, that's just us, that's how our team is. When we get on this field, it's competition all the way. It gets intense a little bit, so there are going to be fights here and there, but at the end of the day, we're teammates and brothers and we love each other off the field.

On San Bernardino this year:
It wasn't as hot and we knew what to expect this time. It was still intense in terms of our practices and everything. But it just wasn't as hot and we knew what to expect and how to work and what Coach Mora expected out of us.

On expectations for the season:
Expectations for the team is just to go out there every week and perform at our best. We feel like we put in the work to do that and the wins will come, as long as we go out there and give our best effort.

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