VIDEO: Hofmeister on Captaincy

Ryan Hofmeister talks about being named a captain this year and how he's become a jack-of-all-trades for linebacker coach Jeff Ulbrich...

Ryan Hofmeister:

On being named a captain:
Just so honorable. So many deservable people on this team. To think how far I've come from when I got here and with the coaching changes and how I've inspired people. And from the position that I play and the role on this team, it's just so moving to me that my teammates look up to me in that way.

On taking more of a leadership role:
Just being more comfortable with the team. It kind of helped me into that role. I always just wanted to set an example. I'm not a rah-rah type of person. I'm definitely doing everything the correct way and trying to present the correct ways to give everyone something to look to.

On three linebackers being named captain:
(We've talked) a little bit. It's a great feeling. Our room feels strong. We feel like we should be the leaders out there on the team, so it feels right. But definitely, a great accomplishment for all of us.

On the linebackers being the base of the defense:
That's' the way it should be in the end, we should be the ones leading this defense. Coach Ulbrich came in and morphed us to be that. I think that just with him telling us and leading us in that direction, he's our leader to become the leaders of the defense.

On his role with the youth coming in:
It's definitely a great group of guys and pushing us to be better. I think it's great for our team. Coming in, you see they're getting in the mix, getting in with the 1s, getting in with the 2s, they're up there. It's a great group of kids and they deserve us and it's better for our group. Naturally, it's pushing me to become who I need to be, and pushing everyone else so we can get to the level we need to get to.

On playing all the linebacker spots:
I can play Mike and Jack virtually anytime and i feel super comfortable. I played a lot of Jack last year mostly with the Mike spot, I'm more comfortable with, but I could play both of those. Basically, I know all the defense, but those are the two spots he's saying.

On if that means he could play nose tackle:
I know where everyone goes and where they're supposed to be doing.

On his size:
A little over 6-foot and a little over 220 now. I've always been an undersized player and have always been known for playing with good pad level, good leverage, staying low, that is what coach is trying to get out of everyone else out here. Just being smart and knowing the jobs, knowing what everyone needs to be doing, making everyone right. I always need to be on top of that because I might not be as talented as some of the people out here, but that's what kind of separates me.

On if he thinks he can get bigger:
I would like to gain another 5-10 pounds, but not more than that because speed wise, I don't know if I can keep my speed. That's the determining factor. How good I can keep my speed, while gaining my weight. I would like to gain some weight, it would help me, but that's definitely for the future, I would like to get bigger.

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