VIDEO: James on Improvements

Jordon James talks about his progression as a North-South runner and how it feels to have won the initial starting job coming out of fall...

Jordon James:

On fall camp:
Fall camp has been going well. We've been just jelling as a team and working on the things we had to work on. As a running back group, doing pass blocking, keeping the ball off the ground and making plays as an offense.

On what he needed to improve:
Just being more consistent in my play. I think it was just that and pass blocking. I had to get better in recognizing defenses and fronts. It helps make my job easier. It helps the offensive lineman.

On pass blocking:
Just watch film. I also think its a maturity thing too. When you come out of high school, you don't really block. But when you come to college you learn fronts, you learn coverage's and when you understand the whole defense, it makes your job easier.

On prepping against the UCLA defense in practice:
I think we have the best linebacker corps in the country, so it definitely prepares me for opponents in the spring.

On the running back group replacing Johnathan Franklin:
I think it was motivation for everyone in the group. We just push each other every day to be the best. It's not about hard feelings. We push each other, we laugh, we talk. But when we're on the field, it's all work.

On what coaches have said about his specific role:
So far, I'm the starter. But anything can change, and I'm ready for everything and I just want to help the team.

On if he's been told a carry count:
That's not even come through. We just want to win the game and put our best foot forward.

On special teams:
I'm not sure. I've been working on both. I've been doing some gunner too. I definitely want to do that too, but we'll see what happens.

On the offense in year two:
Being in the offense for a year, basically it's made our job easier because you know what to expect. You know what the coaches expect. You know the schemes and it just makes the job easier.

On the backfield as a whole:
We have a lot of talent. We all run with different styles but we bring a lot of different to the table. We need everybody. It's not just about one person, or a certain amount of people, we need everybody to make this thing happen.

On working on his own running style:
That's one of things I've been working on, just hitting the seam and going and trusting my speed. That's another thing that Coach Broussard wanted me to do and Coach Mora wanted me to do so I think I did a pretty good job, and have been doing a pretty good job so far and just hitting the hole. I want to be more consistent for the team. I think I'm good weight wise. I've gotten stronger over the offseason and gotten faster and quicker.

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