VIDEO: Goines on Injury

Simon Goines discusses his most recent knee injury, how he's feeling now, and how he's adjusting to playing left tackle this fall...

Simon Goines:

On his knee:
It's getting better. I'm just taking it day by day. Getting better and better every day. It was kind of day to day. Just my knee flexion. Getting back, and getting back into the flow of things, don't want to rush the injury too much and getting back to where I was comfortable to doing other stuff. Initially I was a little scared, but once I talked to doctors and stuff, I was fine. This one is just a bruise on my bone. I rolled up on it. It's a different knee (from last year).

On losing weight:
Last year, I was about 330 going into the season, and throughout the year, I was 328, 329. And now I've gotten down to like 317. I just feel a lot better and more in shape. My body looks better and I can move better. It just feels a lot better. I think I want to probably get down to 315, 310. Build that weight up and build more muscle and build my body up.

On if the weight loss is already helping:
It has made a lot of difference because I'm lighter on my feet. I think I was already light on my feet at 330 even. With this, even more, it enhances me even more.

On recovering:
I just want to test it out and try to get my treatment and whenever they say I can do. Its waiting to see how I feel and how comfortable I am. I'm pretty confident. I went out there today in practice. It's just me, going out there.

On playing left tackle:
Really, I can move the same. When certain stuff happens, I have to rely on my punch. It's not that big of an issue. I like it a lot. I feel more comfortable in it. It's the side I played in high school so it's like second nature to me. You can just get so comfortable with it. Basically getting the muscle memory.

On blocking the defensive line:
Cassius is really good and he's improved a lot since last year. His hands are ridiculously good. Probably one of the best rushers I've played against. The best freshman I've blocked so far is Kylie Fitts or Kenny Clark.

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