BRO Fundraiser for Count on Me

Last year, BROs stepped up with thousands of dollars in donations to Jim Mora's Count on Me Foundation, and this year, BRO can do the same...

The 2nd Annual BRO campaign for the "Count on Me Foundation" has arrived! For more information on the foundation and support they provide to the Southern California community please visit their website at Jim and Shannon Mora would like to personally thank all of you that contributed to last year's campaign and to those of you who plan on contributing this year.

We have two very generous individuals who have committed to donate up to $5,000 EACH as a "match" to those funds donated from the BRO campaign to support the Count on Me Foundation. A $20 donation turns in $60, a $100 donation turns into $300, etc.

For donations, please go to Along the right hand side of the website, you will see a "DONATE" icon to click onto. Follow the instructions from that page to complete the donation. If you prefer to send a check via mail, the address for the Count on Me Foundation is also on their website.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please email me at (BRO messages reached capacity quickly last year) to provide the following information: Name and Amount Donated. This will help me tally the total being donated by BRO to the Count on Me Foundation.

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